A Walk To Remember: Top Locations to Visit For a Nicholas Sparks Inspired Trip

A Walk To Remember: Top Locations to Visit For a Nicholas Sparks Inspired Trip | Sun-Surf Realty


Avid fans of Nicholas Sparks know that his novels not only make you fall in love with the characters themselves, but also with the quaint little downtown districts, the romantic oceanside views, and the charming scenery where the characters always seem to find themselves falling in love.

Well, did you know that these wonderful places he so often pens about are based off of actual places right here along the Crystal Coast of North Carolina? That’s right! Nicholas Sparks, who has a home just down the road in New Bern, has found much of his inspiration for his novels whilst walking the downtown streets of Swansboro, Beaufort, and New Bern. Just a few of his best-selling novels that have featured these towns include A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, The Guardian, The Choice, and Safe Haven.

If you’re looking for inspiration, a romantic venue, or you just want to catch more than a glimpse of the beauty Nicholas Sparks found along the Crystal Coast, then you may want to take a tour of some of these locations for yourself. Here are the highlights for your walk to remember.

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A Ride to Remember in Beaufort, NC

Hungry Town Tours offers a special Nicholas Sparks themed tour along Beaufort dubbed "A Ride to Remember.” You can choose to either walk or ride your bike as you visit some of the very spots that have inspired Nicholas Sparks to write the novels A Walk to Remember and The Choice.

Tour guides point out specific locations along the tour, as well as direct you to some of the great places to eat in this wonderful town. Get a unique view and appreciation for Beaufort by signing up for one of these tours on their website. You can also look on their website for other guided tours, as well as customize your own walking or biking tour of the area. Beaufort is a beautiful waterfront town that's not a far drive from your Emerald Isle rental, so put it on your beach bucket list. 

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A Walk to Remember Tour in New Bern, NC

As featured in his books The WeddingThe Notebook, A Bend in the Road, and Safe Haven, Nicholas Sparks paints the town of New Bern and is able to capture its essence with his words. You can get immersed in this town as well and not just by reading about it! You can actually experience New Bern for yourself next time you are on vacation.

You can even take a self-guided walking tour (walking tours are actually featured in The Wedding) appropriately dubbed "A Walk to Remember" and print a map of the area that leads you to 15 of the specific spots that Sparks has featured in his books. This map also includes quotes from the stories as well, so you can be reminded of your favorite scenes. It will seem as if you have become another character in his books as you follow the map and experience these places for yourself. You can download the map on the Visit New Bern website, as well as look at some of the other tours that are available in New Bern.

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The Home of NC Author Nicholas Sparks

One last thing! Keep your eyes open to see if you can spot Sparks' home as you cross over the bridge into New Bern. (It’s sort of hard to miss—it’s humungous!) If you are looking for a unique, fun way to experience the Crystal Coast, then this is definitely something that needs to make it onto your bucket list of activities to do while vacationing.

You can go on a tour of Beaufort and New Bern as you keep your eyes open for specific spots featured in the books along the way, or you can go exploring on your own and see if you can find some of the places which inspired Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling books for yourself. New Bern, Beaufort, and Swansboro are just a few of the towns that are so wonderful in this area near Emerald Isle, NC—so put on some walking shoes and look around. You won’t regret it!

P.S. Have you heard that a Broadway musical production of The Notebook is in the works for 2019? Oh it is! Read more about that and other Nicholas Sparks news here.

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A Walk To Remember: Top Locations to Visit For a Nicholas Sparks Inspired Trip | Sun-Surf Realty

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