Your Crystal Coast NC Guide to the Best of the Holidays

Your Crystal Coast NC Guide to the Best of the Holidays | Sun-Surf Realty

It's that time of year when we start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. As you know, Emerald Isle, NC and the surrounding Crystal Coast of North Carolina were affected by Hurricane Florence in September of 2018—but we are a resilient people who are thankful to part of a hardworking community where the whole island is working together to make sure visitors can still have great North Carolina beach vacation this fall and winter season. 

You can follow Sun-Surf Realty's latest updates on Facebook and visit the Town of Emerald Isle's website for more local information, as well as any event rescheduling, cancellations and updates you need to know about.

But for now, we're looking ahead with anticipation of a wonderful holiday season on the coast of North Carolina. To get you in the mood, we're rounding up our best blogs to help you plan and prepare for the holidays ahead. 


Community Thanksgiving at the Beaufort Historic Site | Sun-Surf Realty

A Community Thanksgiving

Enjoy a Community Thanksgiving at the Beaufort Historic Site where the community spirit is alive and well every year and the Thanksgiving celebration welcomes you and your family with open arms. 

10 Ways To Be More Thankful | Sun-Surf Realty

Embracing Thankfulness

How do you cultivate a thankfulness in your daily life? Read up on 10 Ways To Be More Thankful This Year and be well on your way. These are easy suggestions to encourage you to be more mindful and thankful. 

Southern Side Dishes You Must Have at Your Thanksgiving Table | Sun-Surf Realty

Thanksgiving Southern Side Dishes

Sometimes we all need a little holiday inspiration to bring to the table. Check out these 5 Southern Side Dishes that are staples at our Thanksgiving feast. Try one or try them all this holiday season. 


How to Have the Perfect Coastal Christmas | Sun-Surf Realty

The Perfect Coastal Christmas

Christmas at the beach has its own special vibe. Here's How to Have the Perfect Coastal Christmas where you get to enjoy the best of both worlds: the holidays and the beach!

Christmas Past, Present and Future | Sun-Surf Realty

Christmas Past, Present & Future

Read up on how to combine the best of Christmas Past, Present and Future into your holiday celebration. The holidays are a time of reflection, a time of togetherness, and a time to look forward—all rolled into one.

3 Ways to Coastify Your Christmas | Sun-Surf Realty

Coastify Your Christmas

Exactly how do you "coastify" your Christmas and bring the best of the beach into your holiday celebration? Check out three of the most festive ways to do it on our blog post. 


Atlantic Beach NC Penguin Plunge | Sun-Surf Realty

New Year's Day Penguin Plunge

The Atlantic Beach NC Penguin Plunge is an annual New Year's day tradition! If you haven't participated yet, this is your year. Come on and start your year with a splash on January 1. We dare you!

One Easy Way to Be Healthier and Happier in the New Year | Sun-Surf Realty

Be Happier & Healthier

Everyone wants a little (or a lot) more health and happiness in life, right? Right! Here's one thing you can do to be happier and healthier in the New Year ahead. Cheers to health and happiness!

New Year Resolutions That Make a Powerful Difference in Your Life | Sun-Surf Realty

Resolutions That Work

Now's the time when many of us start thinking about changes we'd like to make in our lives. Start your New Year's resolution list with ones that guarantee to make some powerful changes in your life. 

May your 2018 holiday season be filled love, gratitude and happiness!

Your Crystal Coast NC Guide to the Best of the Holidays | Sun-Surf Realty

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