Your Crystal Coast Christmas isn't complete until you have one of these...

Here on the Crystal Coast, we like to add a little bit of our own style and flare to the Christmas season. And one of our favorite ways to do that? Well, your Emerald Isle Christmas vacation won’t be complete until you have a…

Crab Pot Christmas Tree

Now, I was probably just as confused as you are now when I first heard of them too. I didn’t know what a crab pot looked like and all I could imagine was a tree with some sort of bucket, and crabs hanging all over it. Of course, this assumption was completely off and I was very excited to learn that crab pot Christmas trees are really quite beautiful, and very classy.  

With its beginnings right here in Down East North Carolina, crab pot Christmas trees have become a tradition all along the coast. These beautiful artificial trees are made with the same mesh that is used to make crab pots, or the traps that catch crabs. Harvey and Sons, a company in Davis, North Carolina first came up with the 
idea for this tree as Nicky Harvey began to brainstorm a way to keep his crab pot business busy all year round. He began to dream, think, and experiment with new ways to use the left over pieces of crab pot mesh in a new, and interesting way. That’s when the Core Sound Christmas Tree was born. 

They were an immediate hit, but he continued to work to improve his new project. Soon, he created a way to easily fold the tree down for storage, and string lights so that it could be lit with all the tradition of the Christmas holiday. Since that time, Harvey and Sons has continued to develop these amazing trees to create a tree for every season! 

They range in size from 2-6 ft and various colors for the season. The traditional trees are made with green wire mesh with white or colored lights. There are many ways to display the tree as well including, lighting up your front lawn, gracing your living room, or even hanging on your wall! You can even add to the festivities by hanging some seashell decorations to your beautiful tree! Because of the design of the trees, to assemble and disassemble is quick and easy. This is perfect for your vacation because storage is so easy!

Crab Pot Christmas trees are a beautiful, fun, and unique addition to your holiday décor and can be kept all year round, or easily collapsed for storage. Your Christmas vacation won’t be complete until you have one these beautiful trees in your home! To find out more about these amazing trees, where you can buy them in a store near you, and to watch a quick video all about them, check out the Crab Pot Christmas Tree website. 

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