What Type of Real Estate Agent Is the Right One for You?

What Type of Real Estate Agent Is the Right One for You? | Sun-Surf Realty

So exactly how do you go about finding the right real estate agent that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations? We've spent a good deal of time talking about the different kinds of agents, what their titles mean, and how to find the best one to represent you in the process of buying or selling your home. Today we're rounding up all of our previous blog posts on this topic for easy reference. If you have any questions about the local Emerald Isle, North Carolina real estate market, we can help. Our agents are here for you every step of the way. Contact Sun-Surf Realty today!

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent 

Here we lay out the steps for finding the right real estate agent to meet your needs. We give you a list of things to do in the process to ensure you're getting professional experience whether you're buying or selling your home. This includes knowing their credentials, doing your own research, and asking for references just to name a few. Read more about How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for You here.

All About Real Estate Titles

All of the real estate designations and titles can be confusing. How do you what you need and who will be best for your situation? We talk about the differences between provisional brokers, real estate brokers, dual agents, the title of REALTOR® and more. Read All You Need to Know About Real Estate Agent Titles to understand more what they each have to offer and what their credentialing means to you.

Buyers vs Sellers Agent

These terms sound pretty straight forward, but are they? There tends to be confusion among the many differing terms that shroud these two differing roles. Find out more about the roles of buyers agents, sellers agents, selling agents, and listing agents—since they are some of the most commonly confused terms. Read all about them in our previous blog post entitled: Buyers vs Sellers Agent: What You Need to Know.

When to Have a Buyers Agent

Now that you know exactly what a buyers agent is and what they do, now you should know when you need to use one! We've listed the most important times to use a buyers agent to ensure that you have a professional voice and an agent that is representing your best interests. Check out the scenarios where buyers agents are most helpful here: When You Should Have a Buyers Agent on Your Side.

Best Real Estate Resources

Where can you go to find a variety of helpful real estate resources and to do a bit of your own research before committing to a real estate agent? That's a really great question! Smart buyers and sellers know that it's best to be well informed and that being proactive from the get-go gives you a head start in the process. Check out these top 3 places for reputable real estate resources where you can find the reliable and helpful information you need to get started.

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What Type of Real Estate Agent Is the Right One for You? | Sun-Surf Realty

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