What You Need to Know About Relocating to Emerald Isle

What You Need to Know About Relocating to Emerald Isle | Sun-Surf Realty in Emerald Isle NC 

*Updated September 2019

What do you do when you fall in love with a place you've vacationed at for years. Or maybe it only took one visit to know that this was the place you were meant to be. What's the next step? Making it a more permanent part of your life, of course!

You've dreamed of island life where the pace is a little slower, the scenery is spectacular and sun, sand and surf are your constant companions. Why just dream? Make beach living your happy reality. Moving to Emerald Isle, North Carolina is a choice made by beach lovers far and wide when a few short weeks of a beach vacation just isn't good enough anymore. Choose to live where others only get to vacation! Relocating to Emerald Isle isn't complicated. In fact it's easy, exciting and exhilarating. Here's what you need to know.


Emerald Isle, NC Named One of the Best Islands to Live On

Living the island dream is the reality of Emerald Isle. In fact, Emerald Isle is named as one of the best islands to live on according Islands magazine. Why? Because of its close proximity to the mainland, its affordability, the abundant beach access, its high quality of life and low stress just to name a few. You can read the full article on why Emerald Isle, North Carolina is one of the best islands to live on here. 

Affordable Coastal Real Estate

Emerald Isle Real Estate is prized for its affordability, location and overall access to everything beautiful on the Crystal Coast. You don't have to drop a million dollars for a beach home here. The median price for homes listed for sale in Emerald Isle is $489,000 according to current Zillow statistics for 2019—which is higher than the overall median home price in the U.S.—but still very much an affordable and budget-friendly option when you consider the amenities, location, and quality of life that you get for your real estate dollars. Also compare it to pricing found in other beach real estate markets across the country and you'll see that it really is quite affordable and is why Emerald Isle, NC was recently named one of the best places to find bargain beach real estate by the real estate research firm RealtyTrac. 


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Close to Mainland Conveniences

Bogue Banks is a barrier island in the heart of the Crystal Coast. You don't need a boat to get here and access to the mainland is quick, easy and convenient. The 10-minute drive from Emerald Isle over the Cameron Langston Bridge to the mainland of Cape Carteret links you to everything you need from groceries and gas to schools and jobs. You can find some of those same things on the island, but it's nice to know that you're not limited and have additional options. A second bridge located on the western end of Bogue Bands leads you right into the center of Morehead City, which offers adjoining access to Beaufort and Newport on each side. 

Location, Location, Location

Location is a key factor in real estate. Emerald Isle is located in Carteret County on a lovely barrier island just off of the mainland of coastal Carolina. Living in the Southern Outer Banks region of North Carolina comes with all of the beauty you'd expect in the form of quiet, pristine beaches, natural coastal landscapes, high-rise-free shorelines, and maritime history, culture and wildlife that is all part of life here. 
Not only are you a part of the beauty of coastal Carolina, but also the proximity and ease of access to other Crystal Coast hot spots like Morehead City, Beaufort and Swansboro and their respective waterfronts are a big draw. Additonally there are the bigger cities of New Bern, Jacksonville, Wilmington and Raleigh-Durham which are all effortless day trips from Emerald Isle. 
Military relocation is a fact of life here with the nearby bases of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville. For those not staying on base, Emerald Isle makes for a welcomed respite and place to call home.


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Southern Living with a Temperate Climate

Relocating to Emerald Isle makes good on the promise of living in a temperate climate all year long with winter temps averaging in the 50s and summer temps averaging in the 80s. Spring and fall are some of the most idyllic times of year here with absolutely gorgeous weather conditions and less crowded beaches. Experiencing all of the seasons in Emerald Isle is one of the biggest advantages that residents have over vacationers along with the time to enjoy them.   

Southern hospitality is a trademark of Southern living. You'll get your daily dose of that and so much more as you get to know the local communities and their residents. Emerald Isle is proud to be family-friendly and pet-friendly, coupled with a welcoming spirit. The Emerald Isle communities are safe and the neighborhoods reflect a strong sense of cohesion and community spirit.  


Plethora of Things To Do On and Off the Island

How do residents spend their time here? The same way vacationers do—but without the time constraints! Beach living affords you unlimited opportunities to catch the coastal sunrises and sunsets, stroll the sands, enjoy the water and breathe in the salt air any time you please.
Then there are all of the other factors that contribute to the richness and diversity of this coastal paradise including the history, culture, attractions, dining, land and sea adventures, sports, recreation and all of the family-friendly activities that abound. You won't run out of things to do, that is for certain. You'll also get to know Emerald Isle and the surrounding Crystal Coast region on a more intimate level, which usually means that you just fall in love with it more and more each day. 

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Most Popular Reasons for Relocating to Emerald Isle

So what are the most popular reasons why people choose to relocate to Emerald Isle? Let us count the ways, in no particular order.

1. Love of the beach. Beach lovers are drawn to the quintessential quiet shores and beautiful beaches of Emerald Isle. There aren't overcrowded or over-commercialized beaches here.

2. Military assignment. Sometimes individuals and families are stationed at one of the nearby military bases and choose to live in Emerald Isle during that time.

3. Employment. Employment opportunities sometimes bring people to this part of Eastern North Carolina. If you're here, you may as well live at the beach, right?

4. Retirement. After years of working and saving, some people choose to invest their retirement years at the beach. Who can blame them? 

5. Second Home or Vacation Home. Sometimes people start with having a second home or vacation home in Emerald Isle and like it so much that they migrate here full time.

6. Better quality of life. Having an optimal quality of life where the hustle and bustle isn't the focus anymore is a driving force as to why many choose Emerald Isle to call home. Escaping an over-scheduled and under-enjoyed life are what many seek to find. Emerald Isle exudes a beach vibe and island mentality that relaxes your spirit and fills your soul. 

Click here to learn more about the livability of Emerald Isle, North Carolina and explore all of the current statistics you want and need to know including demographics, population numbers, median incomes and more. Also please let us know if we can help make your dream of living at the beach your reality. We'd love to assist you in any way we can. 

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