Three Reasons Why A Crystal Coast Vacation Is Good For You

Photo by Julie Arthur
We all have our own personal reasons for needing a vacation: time away, a change of scenery, an opportunity to relax, a need for adventure, a change of pace, a sense of sanity that needs to be reclaimed, and so on. We'd like to add a few more reasons to that list; ones we think are pretty important.

And while we're discussing this we'd like to mention that if you're going to take a vacation, we suggest a beach vacation... a beach vacation on the Crystal Coast, to be exact.

Here are three reasons why a vacation is good for you (and we'll add to that, a Crystal Coast vacation):
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1. It's good for you! Science even says so. Evidence suggests that even a short break or minimal time away from work boosts productivity. In addition, longer more frequent vacations have been linked to longevity... and healthier, happier people overall, obviously. Vacations have also been linked to reduced stress levels, better sleep cycles, lower risk of heart attacks, and improved mental health. Need we say more? (We will. Read on.)

2. Vacation and travel can boost creativity. General health issues aside, time away is also good for you on other levels. It can require you to step out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Explore unknown territory. Learn a new skill or hobby. Expand your horizons. Immerse yourself in a new environment. Be challenged. Become inspired. A vacation forces you out of the day-to day and expands your mind to new ideas, new opportunities, and new experiences.
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3. Vacations can improve and strengthen family relationships. With a focus on play, laughter and fun, vacations are important for families. What better way to create lasting memories? Or to share new experiences together? Family bonding is necessary in our overscheduled world where everyone seems to be going in different directions on a daily basis. Take some time away from that to focus on the important things in life. Family time is precious and so is vacation time. Use them together to your advantage.

There you have it. There are many compelling reasons to take a vacation. If you're a faithful reader of this blog, you've read about Emerald Isle, the Crystal Coast, and the Southern Outer Banks regions that we focus on here. We love it and know you will, too. Take some time to read about the adventures that can be had here, and please remember that a vacation is good for you.
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We have great places to stay here on the coast (with seasonal discounts) and we have a lot of fun things to see and do. If you happen to be visiting with us this weekend, be sure to stop by the North Carolina Seafood Festival in downtown Morehead City. It runs from Friday, October 5 through Sunday, October 7. It's a local and visitor favorite as well as being the largest area festival. We look forward to seeing you! Happy vacationing!

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