The Top 10 Reasons to Love Life on Emerald Isle

The Top 10 Reasons to Love Life on Emerald Isle 

We talk about life on Emerald Isle because we love it so much and feel fortunate to live, work and play in such a beautiful place. In the spirit of this sentiment, we've decided to highlight the top 10 reasons we love life here. When you vacation here, you only get a glimpse of what this beachside town has to offer. There is so much more than you can ever know in just a few weeks out of the year. Let us share some of that with you right now. We hope you find it as inspiring as we do. 
Without further ado, we're counting down the Top 10 reasons to love life in Emerald Isle. Can you guess what took the #1 spot on our list? 


Natural Beauty 

#10 Natural beauty surrounds you each and every day.


Emerald Isle is a barrier island that encompasses 5.6 square miles, is approximately 13 miles long and only a 1/2-mile wide. From the ocean to the beach to the mainland to the sound, the natural elements are part of your day-to-day existence on Emerald Isle. Living in Emerald Isle gives you the opportunity to get out and explore the natural wonders of the barrier island every single day. The golden yellow sun, crystalline blues and greens of the Atlantic waters and verdurous greens bring beauty to your life and restore a sense of wonder to your soul.

Maritime History 

#9 Maritime history and culture abound.


Locals love the opportunities to explore the historical and cultural aspects of the island and beyond. Emerald Isle is nestled in the Crystal Coast region of the North Carolina coastline, also referred to as the Southern Outer Banks. With the Outer Banks to the north, Raleigh to the west and Wilmington to the south, you find yourself surrounded by unending opportunities to embark on maritime historical and cultural experiences. Add to that the proximity of other popular coastal towns rich with history and culture reflective of the region such as Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Morehead City, Swansboro, New Bern and Jacksonville—and you'll find that you never run out of things to do, places to see and opportunities to learn. Explore popular Emerald Isle day trips and things to do right here.


Recreational Fun

#8 Recreational fun on the water and off.

Boating, fishing, kayaking, and just being outside doing something fun are staples of coastal life. Living in Emerald Isle affords you the opportunity to do more of all the things you love that you otherwise would only do on your vacation time. Life is too short to only enjoy life a few short weeks out of the year. When fun and recreation are easily accessible, you have many more chances to enjoy them on the regular. On the water and off the water, being active is easy in Emerald Isle. Walking, biking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing and water skiing are only some of the many ways locals get out and enjoy coastal living.  


Quality of Life 

#7 Excellent quality of life.

The Quality of Life Index is based on the results of a study group and calculated based on what variables affect individuals as they search for a new home, how much they would enjoy living in a place, and the impact of each selected variable. When it comes to factoring in the quality of life on Emerald Isle, you'll find that the positive variables far exceed both the national and state quality of life averages. These variables include categories like Amusement, Culture, Education, Medical, Religion, Restaurants and Weather. Conversely, the negative quality of life variables tend to be very low in Emerald Isle and include things like lower Crime, Earthquakes and Mortality rates than average. You can find the Emerald Isle, NC's Quality of Life Index scores here and see how it compares.



Mild Winters 

#6 Mild winters.


This one is kind of a no-brainer, but absolutely worth the mention. If you find yourself weary of harsh winters, freezing cold weather, snow, ice and blizzards, the good news is that those are pretty much a non-issue in Emerald Isle. Once in a while you'll get a few fleeting snowflakes or perhaps the occasional ice storm, but even when you do they don't last long. With average winter high temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s and average lows barely dipping into the 30s, you'll find the winters in Emerald Isle pleasant, mild and still quite pleasant for your daily stroll on the beach. Off-season months on Emerald Isle are some of the best.


Low Population 

#5 Low permanent population.


The permanent population of Emerald Isle, North Carolina is currently at 3,797 and is always on a slow but steady rise. The peak-season population swells to about 50,000 during the summer months. So that means that most of the year, you don't have to share the beaches with too many people and the island beauty sometimes feels like it's all your own. When summer comes around, you just have to be willing to share the love with those who visit and vacation here. It's a worthy sacrifice.


Beach Homes 

#4 Affordable beach homes.


There's no point in living at the beach if you can't afford it. The good news is that's not the case in Emerald Isle. You don't have to invest a million bucks for a beach home (unless you want to). With median Emerald Isle home prices in the $300,000 range, island life and beach living are not out of your reach. You can live the dream and stay within your budget. Something to think about!


Laid Back 

#3 Laid back, relaxed atmosphere.


I think we would all agree that life is too busy sometimes—probably most times. It helps to ease the stress and hurriedness of everyday life when you live in a place that exudes a laid-back beach vibe and a relaxed state of mind. Life is a little slower here, it's true, but in the best way possible. Just enough for you to catch your breath, take in the moment, be mindful of the beauty all around you, and then move on with your day. It's something that's hard to put into words unless you actually experience it, so maybe you should come and see what we mean.


Good for the Soul 

#2 Island living is good for the soul.


This goes hand-in-hand with the beach state of mind. Island living is good for the soul because it's just another step toward a relaxed body, mind and spirit. Being on island time is absolutely a good thing because it means you're not always pushed by the clock as you watch the minutes, hours and days of your life pass by without contentment. Instead, you have the time to savor life and focus on what really matters. There's just something about being surrounded by sun, sand, salt and sea that encourages this peace of mind and gives one perspective.


Life is a Beach 

#1 Life is a beach.


You've heard the saying, "Life's a beach". Well, that doesn't get any truer than here on Emerald Isle, making it the #1 reason we love living here. The beach is central to life on the island and everything revolves around it. We live, work and play here—and love every minute of it. You should seriously consider trying it out. Beach life might look good on you!


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Emerald Isle, North Carolina was named one of the best islands to live on, and we agree. Do you live here or want to live here? What do you love most? Let us know what else you would add to our Top 10 list!

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