The Most Stunning Beauty Trends for the 2017 Bride

The Most Stunning Beauty Trends for the 2017 Bride

Whether you're having a traditional church wedding or a destination beach wedding, stylish brides will want to know about these stunning wedding beauty and hairstyles trends this year. We've rounded up the best and hottest bridal beauty tips and trends for 2017 to help you prepare for your big day. Many of the latest and greatest trends are easy, breezy and absolutely beautiful. Best of all, they work well on anyone and are easily achieved and maintained. That is good news and less for you to stress about on your wedding day.

Hair and Makeup Trends

Let's look at what beautiful brides need and want to know about this year's wedding beauty, makeup and hair. There's a lot to love!

2017 Wedding Beauty and Makeup Tips and Trends


From the bridal fashion runways and magazines to the everyday word on the street, there has been a lot of buzz about what's hot in bridal beauty and makeup this year. We've gleaned a few common themes: the au-naturel look is very big this year, as you'll see as we start looking at the below-mentioned trends. Less is more, as they say and natural beauty is shining through this year. 
Here are some of the top makeup tips and beauty trends every beautiful bride will want to know about this year.


Fresh and Natural Face: The no-makeup makeup look is most definitely in style, which happens to pair quite perfectly with a beach wedding, if that's where you'll be exchanging your nuptials this year. Let your husband-to-be swoon as you walk down the aisle with gorgeously glowing skin, ever-so-slightly flushed cheeks and softly colored lips. 
Strong and Beautiful Brows: Natural, youthful-looking brows are still in style this year with less waxing required and more oomph to brush up those brows. Let them be strong and beautiful while still manicured just enough to enhance and elevate your eyes. 

Makeup LookGlossy Eyes and Lips: Gloss is hot this year both on the bridal runways and off. Glossing over the eyelids and over the cheek bones adds just the right amount of sheen to brighten up your skin and give you that fresh, dewy look. 
Pretty in Pink: A sweep of pink blush might be all you need to add a little extra color to your cheeks and eyelids. It's noticeable enough to give you that flushed look but not too over the top that it's distracting from the rest of your beautiful face. 
Shimmer and Shine: Glitter is kind of a thing this year on the fashion circuit. You can use it to your advantage on your big day, just don't overdo it. You're going for sparkle and shine, not cheap and tacky. If glitter really isn't your thing, tone it down a bit with highlighting powders and foundations with built-in shimmer. You'll get that ethereal look without much effort and without fear of overdoing it. 

2017 Wedding Hairstyle Tips and Trends

Hair trends to crossover from the fashion runways to the bridal runways with subtle differences but plenty of common themes. Among them are an effortless look that is more natural, a little bit of fun and a lot of classic elegance. It's not about creating your hair into something artistically appealing but more about taking the natural elements of your hair's texture and style and elevating them to the max with the help of a few additional components along the way. 

Here are some of the hottest hair trends for the fashionable bride this year. 


Laissez-Faire Hair: This follows in line with the au-naturel look of makeup this year. Laissez-faire hair means that you want to let your hair follow its own course and stick to its inherent texture and workable style. It's done but not too done. It's not forced. It's not frozen in place. It goes with the flow—it's own natural flow. Capitalize on it and amp it up, but don't try to change it from what it is to what it isn't. 
Boho Chic Updo
Boho Chic: Earthy beauty reminiscent of almost a mythological, free-spirited look of gypsies, fairies and nymphs. Boho chic elements include free-flowing hair, delicate waves, and natural accents of flowers, shells, jewels and the like. 
Flower Crowns and Jeweled Accents: Flower crowns are pretty big this year on the bridal circuit and a perfect match to the above-mentioned boho chic and laissez-faire hairstyles. A simple adornment of fresh flowers, or for a more polished look—diamonds, pearls or metallics—add a natural softness and the right amount of glamour. 
Half Up, Half Down Styles: Half up, half down hairstyles reach beyond the wedding aisle and are a fashion trend for the every day, as well. Whether it's half of your hair up in a high bun and the rest flowing down your back, or half your hair pulled back gently and secured with diamond accents or pearl adornments, the rest is left to flow freely as it will. 

Bridal Braids: Braids are not going anywhere anytime soon, as they're still a pretty big deal in trending hairstyles. Big and beautiful braids accented with small touches of jeweled hairpins, sparkles of crystal, delicate flowers, or precious metals strategically and perfectly placed are jaw-dropping looks. The subtle intricacies of the braiding reflect a styled touch but are soft enough to whisper romance, love and youthful beauty. 

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