The Most Romantic Things To Do in Emerald Isle

Romantic Things To Do in Emerald Isle 

Whether it's Valentine's Day or any day you want to make extra special for your loved one, Emerald Isle is a place where you can whisk your sweetheart off for a romantic getaway at the beach. Emerald Isle beach gives you precious quality time together as a couple, while also enjoying all of the benefits of a beach vacation on the coast of somewhere beautiful—in this case, the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Let your Emerald Isle vacation rental be your private oasis set against the backdrop of windswept shorelines, crashing ocean waves, and brilliant coastal colors. 
You may be wondering what some of the most romantic things to do are here in Emerald Isle. We can help you with that. Here are a few of the best, so you can start planning your storybook romantic adventure at the beach.


Walk on the beach. Walk on the Beach

There probably aren't too many things that are more romantic than walking the sands hand in hand with your loved one. Surrounded by the soothing sounds of a coastal symphony, you're in good company as the surf, sand and sea create a beautiful backdrop to your romantic endeavor. Savor the time, be in the moment, and leave footprints in the sand and memories in your heart. Sometimes the simple and free things are the very best things.

Catch a coastal sunrise and sunset.


Emerald Isle is perfectly situated to show off the best coastal sunrises and sunsets. With the brilliant sun rising over the ocean and quietly setting over the sound, you have double the opportunity to catch the color show every day that you're here. Whether in your oceanfront Emerald Isle rental or out to dinner at your favorite soundside restaurant, the coastal colors add a breathtaking touch morning and night. Catch as many as you can. 

Paddle the local waters.


Set out on a paddling adventure with your partner and navigate the local waters together while taking in the sights. The soundside waters are calm and inviting, while the ocean waters offer the allure of the unknown with the challenge of wild waves and changing tides. Whether you choose to paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, you're sure to remember the sights and sounds (and maybe sore arms) fondly. 

Pack a beach picnic.Beach Picnic


Plan for a picnic lunch on the beach or pack up a romantic dinner to be enjoyed on a blanket in the sand on a beautiful coastal evening. Pack up your cooler or lay out your items in a pretty picnic basket. It can be as simple or fancy as you like, but you don't have to worry about the ambiance. It will be absolutely stunning. A picnic on the beach is the quintessential romantic gesture that's sure to be both appreciated and enjoyed. Need some help? Check out these beach picnic recipes, tips and tricks.

Explore a local park trail.


Emerald Isle offers up idyllic settings for a walk in the park, in the woods, or on the beach. With a variety of natural coastal areas for you to explore with your sweetheart, your day is sure to be filled with wonder, beauty and romance. Take a look at these Emerald Isle parks and trails, and see where the path leads you. 

Enjoy a romantic dinner for two.


Whether you feel like dressing up in style or keeping it laid-back and comfortable, you can have a wonderful evening out and enjoy a romantic dinner for two in Emerald Isle. No matter what you're tastes and preferences, there's something for everyone including fresh local seafood, all American dishes, robust Italian dinners and so much more. Plan a few special nights out and enjoy the local flavor at one of these Emerald Isle restaurants. Visit your favorite and then try somewhere new!

Go out for a movie night.


Emerald Plantation Cinema is the only movie theater located right in Emerald Isle, making it ideally close and convenient to your Emerald Isle vacation rental. Go out for a relaxing matinee after your beach day or plan for dinner and a movie in the evening. See what's now playing at Emerald Plantation Cinemas and enjoy the show. 

Take a local tour.Local Tour


Whatever your interests, there are plenty of Crystal Coast tours to give you a local perspective on all that Emerald Isle and the surrounding area have to offer. Whether by land, sea or air, you'll get to see the sights in a one-of-a-kind way. Explore the historic sites, sail the open waters, get in touch with the natural side of the island, or get a bird's eye view of the Crystal Coast. However you decide to do it, it's sure to be a romantic adventure for the books. 

Go on a fishing adventure.


What's a beach getaway without a little fishing? There's something romantic about working together to bring in the catch of the day for the evening meal. Drop a line from the pier or take an adventurous fishing charter and see what you reel in. Fishing is a popular pastime and serious sport here in Emerald Isle all year long. See what the ocean's bounty has to offer you on any given day. Interested? Here's everything you need to know about fishing in Emerald Isle

Stroll the pier.


Whether you're here to fish or not, the Bogue Inlet Pier in Emerald Isle is a lovely place to visit. Stroll to the end of the pier and look out over the horizon. Check out the panoramic views and watch the coastal wildlife as long as you'd like. Leave a few moments to stroll under the pier and capture the picturesque setting where many a photo has been taken. You'll want one for the memory book. 

Go out for a nightcap.Nightcap


Emerald Isle nightlife has something to offer every couple. From martini bars and cigar bars to breweries and wine tastings, you have a lot of options for a night cap. Explore the Emerald Isle nightlife and find your favorite. Try one or try them all. If you run out of time, you'll just have to come back again on your next romantic Emerald Isle escape. 

Embark on a cruise.


When you're on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, you're perfectly situated among the inlet, sound and ocean waters. With cruise options available in many of the local coastal towns, you can plan an amorous adventure on the water wherever you please. Take a dinner cruise, watch the dolphins, sail in a catamaran, enjoy a ferry ride, or visit a remote barrier island. The choice is up to you, so take full advantage of a coastal cruise with your loved one. You can find your Crystal Coast water tour options here.

Pedal your way around town.


Explore Emerald Isle by bike and pedal your way to a sightseeing tour around town with your partner. Whether you choose to ride the Emerald Isle Path, the beach, or along the side streets, you're sure to find fun and get your heart rate going on a two-wheel tour of the island. You can read more about where to rent bikes, the Emerald Isle bike path, and cycling along the Crystal Coast here.

Get pampered.


Plan a luxurious day of pampering for your loved one; or for both of you during a couple's spa day. Emerald Isle spas and salons can get you relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling oh so good. Whether you're in search of specialties like acupuncture, massage, hair and nails, or total pampering packages, you'll find it all here. Give the gift of pampering—it never disappoints.

Escape to your Emerald Isle vacation rental. 

Last but certainly not least, you can find the ultimate romantic escape right in your Emerald Isle beach rental. It has all of the luxury, comfort, convenience and amenities that you desire, so make the most of them all. It's your private beach oasis where you can do whatever you please or absolutely nothing at all. Cozy up together and relish in the quiet moments away from all the daily distractions and demands of everyday life. This is your romantic beach getaway with the one you love the most. Savor it. Cherish it. Live in the moment.

Cheers to love, romance and adventure!





What's your favorite romantic thing to do in Emerald Isle, NC? We'd love to know!

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