The Most Important Reasons You Need Emerald Isle in Your Life

The Most Important Reasons You Need Emerald Isle in Your Life 

Are you craving the sun, sand, salt and sea? Then you need a little Emerald Isle, North Carolina in your life! In fact, there are plenty more important reasons to make Emerald Isle a bigger part of your life. We're pretty sure you'll agree that everything is better at the beach and island life just takes it up another level when striving to attain optimal beach bliss.

Here are a few of the many vital reasons why you need some Emerald Isle in your year and in your life. 

Mind, Body, Spirit 

1. The beach is good for your mind, body and spirit.


Can you really have too much beach in your life? No! There are so many elements about the beach that come together to make a positive impact on your overall well-being. You tend to get more exercise when you're at the beach, right? Daily strolls on the sand, swimming in the ocean, biking around town, embarking on new on-the-water adventures, exploring local parks and being outside every chance you get are all part of living and vacationing at the beach. Then there's the relaxation factor. It's easier to slow down in a place that inherently has a more laid-back atmosphere and where life lingers a little longer, but in the best ways possible. The beach tends to be a good place to refocus your perspective, find stillness and peace, and escape from the noise and busyness of today's world. The ocean has a way of calming your inner spirit and providing inspiration when you need it most. Surely we all need more of all these things in our life! 

Healthy and Necessary 

2. Vacations are healthy and necessary for your well being.

Science says that vacations are good for you and part of a healthy lifestyle, so why don't we value them more? Nearly half of all Americans don't even cash in on their vacation time—and of those that do, only 25 percent take all of their paid vacation days. Why? That's no way to live! Four big scientifically-backed reasons why you should take a vacation are as follows: stress relief, heart disease prevention, improved productivity and better sleep. There's also evidence that your relationships get better and that your overall attitude and outlook on life are much improved, too. 

 Family Vacation

3. Emerald Isle is one of the best family beach vacation destinations in the country.


From its affordability and family-friendly atmosphere to its pristine beauty and coastal attractions, Emerald Isle, North Carolina tops the list when it comes to finding a beautiful beach vacation destination for you and your family to enjoy. Emerald Isle has been noted as one of the best Bargain-Friendly Beach Towns and one of the Top Uncrowded Atlantic Beaches in the country. You can be certain that there are miles of gorgeous shoreline, sparkling blue-green waters, and a big dose of Southern hospitality here, making it a beach lover's paradise and a family favorite when it comes to a safe, welcoming beach vacation destination for everyone. 


4. Emerald Isle is a pet-friendly beach favorite.


Emerald Isle is a welcome vacation destination with dog-friendly beaches. Pets love it here as there are plentiful pet-friendly rentals in Emerald Isle that are sure to please both the two-legged and four-legged vacationers. Be sure to check out our Dog's Guide to Emerald Isle and our Tips and Tricks for a Pet-Friendly Vacation in Emerald Isle. Don't leave poor Fido back at home while you and the family leave to enjoy a beach vacation. Bring him along and enjoy all of the benefits of quality time spent with all of your family, including the furry ones. 

More Beauty 

5. You need more beauty in your life.


The Crystal Coast of North Carolina is a place of beauty all year long. Emerald Isle is a barrier island paradise located off of the North Carolina coast, also known as the Southern Outer Banks, where beauty abounds. The weather is mild and temperate all year long and there is always so much loveliness to behold from the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the ever-changing coastal color palette, the uniqueness of every season, and the maritime charm that is found in Emerald Isle. Once you experience it for yourself, you know what we're talking about. The endless coastal splendor draws visitors and vacationers back year after year. Add to that the rich history, the fascinating attractions, the local festivals and events, plus the the one-of-a-kind island vibe and you'll quickly learn that Emerald Isle finds a lasting place in your heart, mind and soul

Isn't it time you make sure you have a little—or better yet—a lot of Emerald Isle in your life this year? There's no time like the present to start making plans to be here as soon and as often as you can. We look forward to seeing you in our town and on our beaches. 

Is Emerald Isle, North Carolina, going to be an important part of your life this year?

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