The Most Beautiful Things About Emerald Isle in Spring

The Most Beautiful Things About Emerald Isle in Spring 

Springtime on the coast of North Carolina is verdant, refreshing and blossoming with coastal beauty as far as the eye can see. Imagine yourself inhaling the fresh ocean air, watching the sun as it reflects off the sparkling Atlantic waters, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and the sand beneath your feet. Emerald Isle is ready for you! Take a sneak peak at some of the most beautiful things about Emerald Isle, North Carolina, during the spring season.

*Warning: This post may cause an extreme desire for you to pack up your beach bag, put on your flip flops and head to the beach. 

Ocean Views 

Awesome Ocean Views

Spend some time looking out over the majestic Atlantic Ocean as you enjoy the sound of the waves crashing and the rhythmic lull of the tides as they ebb and flow. Emerald Isle oceanfront rentals give you front-row seats to all of the coastal beauty for your viewing pleasure. You don't have to worry about high-rise hotels here; there aren't any to block your view. There also won't be a sea of people obstructing your view this time of year, either.  It's all ocean, all the time. 

Pristine Sands 

Absolutely Pristine Sands

Perfectly pristine barrier island beach is what you'll find in Emerald Isle, NC, which encompasses 5.6 square miles and is approximately 13 miles long and half-a-mile wide. With open, sprawling coastline and clean, well-maintained beaches, the allure of this unforgettable stretch of sand is what brings visitors and vacationers back year after year. Emerald Isle beach sets the stage for many memorable oceanside adventures including shelling, surf fishing, strolling or just sitting back to admire the view. Don't wait for a summer vacation! Get an early start on your beach vacation and celebrate springtime on the coast. 

Coastal Sunrises and Sunsets 

Breathtaking Coastal Sunrises & Sunsets

Emerald Isle is a south-facing beach which means when you look out over the water you're actually looking toward Florida and the Bahamas and not eastward as you might expect. The benefits of this unique vantage point are that you get to catch sunrises over the ocean and sunsets over the sound. Double your pleasure! Springtime doesn't have the filter of haze and humidity like the summer season does, so the color show is pure vibrance. Catch as many as you can!

Cute Wildlife 

Cute Coastal Wildlife

The signs of spring are found everywhere on the island, including the fascinating coastal wildlife. Sea turtle nesting season begins shortly, so keep your eye out for nests in the sand. You may even be lucky enough to see a sea turtle come to shore to lay her clutch of eggs, though this generally happens during the night. What an awesome sight! You may also see pods of dolphins as they swim by on your morning or evening walk on the beach. Pelicans are always fun to watch as they effortlessly soar above the water and dive in for a snack or as they contently bob along the surface of the water. 

Uncrowded Beaches 

Uncrowded Beaches

Visiting Emerald Isle before the busy summer beach season begins means more beach for you and less people to share it with! It's totally okay to be a little selfish here. It's completely understandable. Emerald Isle is less crowded than most of the popular East Coast beach destinations on any given day, but especially so this time of year. Take a spring break beach vacation and see for yourself. It's no wonder that Emerald Isle has recently been named One of the Best Bargain Beach Towns, One of the Best Islands to Live On, and One of the Best Kept Secret Beaches. The word is out!

Coastal Color Palette 

Vibrant Coastal Color Palette

Emerald Isle was named such when developers of the island flew overhead and saw the stunning emerald green landscape set against the sparkling blue Atlantic waters. Emerald Isle is called the gem of the Crystal Coast for these reasons and more. The brilliance of the coastal color palette come alive in springtime and the flora and fauna fill the beachside landscape with burgeoning life. The weather is absolutely perfect this time of year with average spring temps in the 70s to low 80s during the day and 50s-60s at night. Of course the humidity and haze are low this time of year too, so the colors blaze in all their glory.

Well, are you packed and ready? Emerald Isle is ready and waiting for you!

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What do you think is the most beautiful thing about Emerald Isle, North Carolina, in the springtime?

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