The list you'll make sure to check twice-- all year round!

Christmas is coming and Santa will be sure to check his list twice, but you have a list that you need to check out too! That list is our 5 Steps To Your Dream Emerald Isle Vacation. Just 5 simple steps and you are on your way! You’ll definitely want to be checking this list off twice, three times…maybe several more times throughout the busy year!

1.Decide Now

Step one can sometimes be the trickiest because it takes some self-encouragement, but really all it
 takes is a decision. I’ll paint you a picture, but be prepared because it’s a sad one: it’s a picture of  busy days of drudgery and stress becoming the evil glare that looks you in the face as you rush out the door to work, school, or errands. It is a picture of a hard working individual that needs a day off…or quite possibly many days off. Is this a self-portrait? Well, it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is for you to make the decision to turn those busy, stressful days into days of relaxation, fun, sun, and surf. Now’s the time. You’re already half way to the decision already—just take the plunge, I promise you won’t regret it!

2.Get the family on board

If step one could be considered the trickiest, step two is probably the easiest. As soon as the words 
"vacation” and "beach” escape your lips—just picture the pandemonium! The excited squeals, the mad rush to find the suit case, the giant smiles, and even bigger "thank you’s!” that are sure to follow the announcement are enough to make any parent breathe a sigh of relief that the excitement of their decision will be a memory not soon forgotten. However, for anyone that is still not sure about how to get the family on board, all you need to do is mention all the great things that families can do together while visiting Emerald Isle, and you’ll be sure to win them over. No matter what time of year you decide to come to the beautiful Crystal Coast (though we always suggest coming sooner than later), there is something fun for the family to enjoy together. 

3.Plan the Vacation

Now for any other trip, step three would become the horribly dreaded conundrum of the whole 
process. However, the beach was never meant to be complicated. Ever. So, Sun-Surf Realty makes it easy for you. All you have to do is check out their website for information on rentals, deals, and more! Our website also includes tons of easy to search information about day trips, things to do, and even downloads to make your vacation fun for the whole family. Wanna go fishing? We’ve got that info. Wanna shell along the beach? We know what to do! Wanna know all about the local restaurants and events? We keep you updated on it all! Search for your perfect beach home rental, and browse for maps and more to help you get started. Sun-Surf takes the screaming, frustrating, long, tired, stressful, sleepless nights, and daunting days out of planning a vacation on the beautiful Crystal Coast. Check it out for yourself!

4.Pack Your Bags

This step can be sort of tricky, but remember that the most important things to pack are the following:

Your sense of adventure
Your sense of fun and excitement

Did you get all of that? Good. You’re ready to go. Oh, and if your best friend can fit in your suitcase, you may as well bring them along too! 

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you pack your essentials, but don't stress! There are plenty of local shops in the area to help out with anything you might forget in your rush to get here to the beautiful beach. 

5.Go! Go! GO! 

You are all set! People tend to get these crazy ideas about how they can’t afford to take a vacation 
when there is so much going on in everyday life. They convince themselves that planning takes too long and that the road to get to the vacation is too stressful to be worth it. I beg to differ! Sun-Surf Realty wants to make your life easier, less stressful, and help provide for you to have the best vacation ever! Don’t wait to start planning your next trip to Emerald Isle. Start searching today and let your imagination get carried away with all the fun and exciting, calming and relaxing, and new and adventurous things to do.Get going today!

I hope that this checklist of our 5 steps to your dream Emerald Isle vacation brought your next vacation to Emerald Isle to the front of your mind. There’s no time like the present to get started with your vacation plans to the beautiful, sunny coast. No matter what time of the year it is, this list is one that you will want to hang on to so that you can motivate yourself to take that time to spend with family. Memories created here will last for a lifetime, don’t waste a single moment! Let’s paint this picture again, but with a twist this time: this time, it’s a picture of relaxing days of fun and excitement becoming the smiling face of the sun as you enjoy your time on the beach. It is a picture of a happy family that enjoys spending their many days off together. This will be your self-portrait now—or better yet, your family photo!

We hope that you spend your holiday near family and always keep the love of the holidays close. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sun-Surf Realty. 

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