The Ghosts of the Crystal Coast


Nestled here in the quiet relaxation of the beach and the fun vacation times spent splashing in the ocean, there is a secret. Several secrets in fact. 

The Crystal Coast is haunted. 

Yes, you read that correctly! From ghostly apparitions to unnatural deaths to mysterious happenings, the Crystal Coast is the place to be this Halloween if you want to know about some real spooks. 

Now, whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Crystal Coast isn’t called the Graveyard of the Atlantic for nothing! Countless ships have gone down along our coastline in years past leaving behind the stories of those on board. However, those aren’t the only stories of those that have gone before along the coast. 

This Halloween season, you can learn a little more about the haunting history of the coast while having a whole lot of fun too and we have some more information about some of these ghost tours that you can join in on! 

Beaufort Ghost Tours:gravestones

Though the Old Burying Grounds in Beaufort are open year-round and have tours for interested visitors, there’s something especially fun and eerie about going on one of these tours for Halloween. That’s why they hold special Ghost Walks for the Halloween season. Tour this historic cemetery that dates back to the early 1700s and learn the unique stories of those who found their final resting place in Beaufort. From the little girl buried in the rum barrel to Captain Otway Burns to (my favorite) the love story of Sarah Gibbs and Jacob Shepherd, there are so many wonderful stories of those that were laid to rest in the Old Burying Grounds. 

Join one of the great tours led by your Pirate guides who will entertain you with these great stories (and some new ones they add every year!) while they take you through the cemetery and other historic places in Beaufort by lantern light. 

This is a really neat way to learn the history of Beaufort and have some spooky Halloween fun while you’re at it! 

New Bern Ghostwalk:ghostwalk-poster

History literally comes to life as you walk the streets of New Bern for the annual New Bern Ghostwalk. The ghosts of famous citizens rise from the grave (in the form of great actors from our community!) to tell their stories and regale the rich history of our area. 

This self-led tour will take you and your family through the streets of downtown New Bern, over the cobble-stoned roads by Tryon Palace, through the historical houses, and down the candle-lit paths of the Cedar Grove Cemetery. 

Along the walk there are also some great places to stop for dinner, entertainment at the theater, and fun for the kids! Having been on this tour myself (more than once!) I can say that this truly is a fabulous event that really allows to you to delve into history as well as simply have a great time! 

And another fun fact: the TV Show The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  was also filmed in many of the spots that you will see along the Ghostwalk, so if you are a fan of the show, keep your eyes peeled for some familiar landscape! 

The Haunted Webb Memorial:

Now, this last one is more geared for the adventure seeker, paranormal enthusiast, and not for the faint of heart! This tour is certainly meant to keep you on your toes and make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

The Webb Memorial Library located in Morehead City was not always a library. It was built in the 1930s to be office buildings upstairs with a doctor’s office and laboratory downstairs. Over the years the ownership has changed hands and business and events have moved in and out of this historical building. Now, however, it is a library where people can enjoy reading their favorite ghost stories. 

Or perhaps, they can experience these stories for themselves. haunted-webb-memorial

There are strange occurrences at Webb Memorial and Port City Paranormal along with the library director have tried to get to the bottom of it. Books moving on their own, strange smells, inexplicable changes in temperature, and "bumps in the night” along with evidence from electromagnetic field equipment have led them to believe that this place is in fact quite haunted! Though they don’t know who (or what!) is inhabiting the halls of Webb Memorial when the lights are off and the doors are locked, but they are determined to find out more! 

Tours are available at 10 pm and last for about an hour and fifteen minutes for those that are 13 years and older. See if you can capture a spectral shot with your camera or feel the change in temperature as a ghost floats by through this haunted tour. The tour guides will also explain some of the things they have observed along with the tools that they use for ghost detection. 

This is definitely an adventure that will test the bravery of any choosing to participate, but what better time to check it out than during the Halloween season?! 

There are plenty of other great places to check out in this area that are full of history and possibly the paranormal and you can find out more about some of these historical places on the Beaufort Historic Site and the New Bern Historical Society website. But whether these places are haunted or not, it’s still a ton of fun to pretend and to get into the "spirits” of the season! (pun intended) 

Share with us: Have you ever been to one of these tours and experienced the supernatural? 

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