The Best Way to Rid Your Emerald Isle Rental of Extra Food



We've all been there. Your Emerald Isle vacation is wrapping up. You're starting to slowly pack up to get ready to go home. You look in your Emerald Isle rental kitchen and notice that you have leftover food that you're not quite sure what to do with. What's a vacationer to do?

You don't want to be wasteful and just throw it all away, right? Right! Instead, we have found the best way to rid your rental of food and you'll be helping to support a good cause and the surrounding community all at the same time. That's where A Second Helping in Emerald Isle comes in.

What is A Second Helping-Emerald Isle?

A Second Helping is a community-based and community-supported project that collects leftover food from vacationers as they leave the island. The program helps to feed the hungry in our local area with food distribution handled by the White Oak Ecumenical Outreach Ministries.

What kind of food do they accept from vacationers?

A Second Hand in Emerald Isle accepts canned goods, perishable and non-perishable items, food stuffs—and they will even take your open containers! They aim to minimize wastefulness with the added benefit of helping others. Win-win!

When and where in Emerald Isle can I take my extra food?

There are two drop-off locations on the island for your convenience:

  • Beside Bert’s Surf Shop on 300 Islander Drive with drop-off hours from 8a.m.-11a.m. Corner of Emerald Drive (Hwy 58) & Islander Drive
  • Stir It Up Coffee Shop from 7a.m.-9a.m. at Emerald Plantation (Food Lion).  

How does A Second Helping-Emerald Isle work?

A Second Helping runs seasonally on Saturdays mornings beginning on June 18, 2016 through August 27, 2016. You bring the food during on those days and times, and they'll do the rest!

Who benefits from the food donations?

Recipients of the food donations are given through the local charity The Hem of His Garment in Swansboro. This program is sponsored by A Second Helping-Holden Beach, NC, who also provides the same service for their local community. 

What if I'm an Emerald Isle resident? How can I help?

If you're a local Emerald Isle resident, the absolute best way to help is to volunteer your time. Sharing one Saturday morning of your time to help out at a drop-off point is really helpful. More volunteers equate to quicker and smoother drop-offs, which improve the overall efficiency of getting the food where it needs to go.

Do you have own a pick-up truck? Even better! One truck is needed each Saturday of the program. 

Ready to help out A Second Helping in Emerald Isle? Sign up on the volunteer calendar. At the writing of this blog, there were only a few slots that needed to be filled, which is awesome! If you can't do it this year, think about signing up early for 2017. 


Did you know that we as Americans throw out 31% of our food? That's depressing. Let's be part of the change in this country starting right here in Emerald Isle. Won't you join us in being part of the solution instead of the problem when it comes to food waste? 

Will you consider taking your extra food from your Emerald Isle rental to A Second Helping drop-off point this summer? Our community thanks you in advance!



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