The Best Beach Picnic Recipes, Tricks, and Tips!


Last week in our blog about Packing the Perfect Beach Cooler, we gave some tips and tricks for packing your cooler for your day at the beach. 

Great! So now what? 

I know that is what you are thinking, but never fear because we’ve rounded up some of the best dishes and snacks for your beach picnic! 


One of the first things to remember about beach picnics is to keep it simple and easy to eat. That being said, some of your best options for beach picnic entrees are going to be things like sandwiches, wraps, or other finger foods. Keeping your entrees simple and easy to eat will make your picnic so much easier, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for boring regular ham sandwiches or PB&J. Why not make one of these fun, unique entrees and try something new! These are easy and yummy foods that can easily be packed into Tupperware and safely stored in your cooler, too! 

1.Caprese Sandwich:

This simple sandwich only has a few ingredients, but is loaded with delicious flavor. With the sweetness of a ripe tomato, salty mozzarella cheese, and freshness of the basil, this is a great, easy-to-pack beach sandwich. You can find the basic recipe on this website and you can add a few sliced pieces of turkey for a little extra flavor! 

2.Spinach and Artichoke Wrap:

If you are looking for an easy, delicious wrap for your picnic, this is one you should try! With artichoke hearts, cheese, peppers, and spinach, this is a yummy (and healthy) entree. Making a few wraps and cutting them into smaller pieces is also a good idea for when you start dishing out the food when you get to the beach. Get this simple recipe on this website


3.Fried Chicken:

This one takes a little more prep time, but if you want a traditional beach picnic entree, then fried chicken is the way to go. This recipe makes a delectable, crunchy fried chicken that serves four. Try it out for your next beach picnic! 


4.PB&J Revisited:

If you have kids (or maybe even a spouse) that is still stuck on having their usual peanut butter and jelly, you can still try something a little new and different that will still satisfy. This recipe calls for a change of bread from regular white or wheat to a yummy cinnamon raisin bread. You can even switch out the peanut butter for almond butter, or the traditional strawberry jelly for something a little different like apple or pear jelly. Who knows? They may find a new favorite! 


Packing some great sides is essential to any great beach picnic. You’ll want your sides to be easy to eat and simple enough to pack into your cooler or beach bag. Chips, fruit, and salads are some of the best sides for beach picnics, but before you run out to simply grab a bag of potato chips, you may want to check out these recipes we rounded up! 

1.Chesapeake Bay Snack Mix:

A salty, crunchy beach-going snack that is reminiscent of a Chex Mix, but with a bit of a kick. This is a side that will go perfectly with your entrees and be the perfect prep for a sweet dessert! Get this savory recipe on this website

2.Chopped Salad in a Cup:

Salads are a fresh, delicious side dish for any picnic, but can be a challenge for someone at the beach. Having a bowl of salad when the wind is blowing sand around is not really a great idea, but there is a solution! Chop up everyone’s favorite salad toppings and layer your salad in a cup with a lid or jar so that the sand doesn’t get through! This is also a great way to personalize the salads to everyone’s liking and save you some space in the cooler with the smaller cups rather than bowls. You can get some ideas for what to put in your cup of salad on this website

3.Fruit Skewers:

Fruit is a sweet, healthy side for a beach picnic, but sometimes it can be tricky to dish out fruit while on the beach. A great solution is to slide sliced fruit, grapes, blueberries, and more onto a skewer! This not only makes eating your fruit mess-free for the sandy hands trying to get another handful of fruit, but the colorful fruit looks really great too! You can look on this website for ideas about what fruit to add to your kabob.


Every good picnic needs a sweet treat to finish off the meal. Of course you can always head back to your vacation rental for some really cool desserts, but if you are on the beach and need an easy goodie you’ll definitely want to take a look at these recipes!

1.Strawberry Shortcake:

You may be wondering how you are possibly going to eat a strawberry shortcake on the beach? The solution, much like the salad, is to layer the shortcake, strawberries, and whipped cream into a Mason jar or cup so that it is easy to eat and store! Delicious and simple! You can see this idea and more food in jars on this website


Cookies are always a good idea for a picnic dessert. This is because they are easy to eat, easily stored, and super delicious! This recipe makes cute cinnamon sugar cookies that look just like sand dollars! This is a fun, sweet, and beach-themed treat! 

3.Rice Crispy Treats:

Rice crispy treats are a simple, fun dessert that is easy to eat and pack. You can even mix it up by using fruity cereal or chocolate cereal as a substitute for the normal cereal. If you want to bump it up even more, you can follow this recipe to make a treasure chest out of them! Super cute and fun! 

Last Minute Tips

To help your beach picnic go even better, there are a few more things that will help you along! 

1. Hand Wipes:

Bringing hand wipes will help your picnic run so much more smoothly as you prepare to eat. Those sandy hands and sticky faces can all be solved with a quick swipe from a baby or hand wipe. These are certainly a life saver too in case of any spills in your cooler or car! 

2. Tablecloths:

A great beach hack that I wish I would've known of sooner is to bring a vinyl or plastic table cloth to lay out on for your beach picnic. Clean up is so much easier, sand is easier to sweep off, and spills are more manageable on a plastic surface. As much as we love sandwiches, we certainly don't want sandy ones, so this is a great trick! Plus, these are so much lighter and easier to fold up into a small space when it's time to pack up the picnic! 

There’s nothing more fun on a warm summer’s day than to spend it at the beach, enjoying a picnic, and spending time with friends and family!

We hope that you’ll try out some of these great recipes and let us know if you try any of these yourself! 

Share with us: What are you favorite beach picnic foods?  


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