The 10 Coolest Summer Treats!

During the summers as a kid, I remember always being in the water: whether that was on the beach, at the pool, or in the sprinkler, that’s just how it was! Seriously, just about all my home videos as a kid are my siblings and I splashing around in the water during the hot summer months here on the sunny Crystal Coast.

Now, we loved being outside during the summer and getting wet to stay cool, but there was always something that had to follow: a cold treat! On the way home from the beach, we’d beg for ice cream sundaes, after an afternoon in the sprinklers we’d plead for a popsicle. We just always had to have that sweet treat to finish off our afternoon! These sweets were always featured at the end of said home videos and now, years later, I still like to have that cool treat after a trip to the beach or an afternoon by the pool. (Or after playing in the sprinklers—you are never too old!) 

If you’re like me, you’ll be excited to find that we have rounded up some awesome, simple recipes to satiate your sweet tooth this summer! Check out these delicious goodies below to cool you and your family off this summer! 

1. Watermelon Coconut Popsicles:

This is an easy, two-ingredient recipe! Only using pureed watermelon and coconut, you can make a delicious, refreshing popsicle that’s healthy too! Get the recipe on this website

2. Root Beer Float Popsicles:

By combining root beer and your favorite vanilla bean ice cream into a popsicle mold, you can enjoy a tasty spin on this summer time classic!  You can learn more about the history behind the classic root beer float (really interesting!) on this website along with the recipe for this yummy treat!

3. Cantaloupe Strawberry Popsicles:

Blend two of the best summertime flavors in this yummy popsicle recipe. Blend cantaloupe and add some chopped strawberries and freeze for a sweet, light tasting snack! You can find the recipe on this mommy blogger’s website

4. Oreo Cookie Popsicles:

For you chocolate lovers out there, this is a super awesome recipe! It is as simple as combining oreos and vanilla ice cream into a popsicle mold and smothering it all in oreo cookie crumbs. So good! You can find the recipe on this website

5. Banana Nutella Popsicles: 

Another chocolate lovers' favorite, this is a great summer treat! I love adding bananas to my ice cream, and this simple recipe only includes bananas and Nutella! Find the super easy, super delicious recipe on this website

6. Easy Lemon Ice Cream:

This yummy recipe doesn’t even require an ice cream maker! Combine lemon zest, condensed milk, and cool whip and freeze to make a scrumptious, fresh ice cream! Find the recipe (a low fat option!) on this website

7. Peanut Butter Cheesecake Ice Cream:

This recipe is very simple, but does require a few additional ingredients than the others. Super yummy, this recipe combines peanut butter, cream cheese, graham crackers, and other amazing components to make a delectable treat! Check out the recipe on this website

8. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popsicles:

This simple, delicious popsicle is basically frozen pureed strawberries coated with dark chocolate magic shell. Can you say, yum? You can get this super easy, fantastic dessert on this website

9. Lemonade Cucumber Spa Popsicles:

Though this one seems to be more for the moms in need of a refreshing treat, it’s good for kids too! Combining the fresh taste of lemons and cucumbers, this is a definitely a delicious (and healthy) alternative to traditional popsicles! Grab the recipe on this website!

10. Coconut Water Fruit Popsicles:

For the parents trying to get their kids to eat a healthy snack, but are feeling the push back from kids that only want ice cream, this is a great middle ground. This is a simple recipe that can be altered easily to include your favorite fruits. Essentially, all you have to do is freeze coconut water with your favorite fruits inside! Find more about it on this website along with an alternative using coconut milk! 

These are really delicious, refreshing, and cool summer treats that are easy and fun to make for the whole family. Be sure to try them out while on your vacation to Emerald Isle this summer!

Share with us: What are your favorite frozen treats during the summer? 

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