Simple and Easy Kid-Friendly Beach Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Simple and Easy Kid-Friendly Beach Hacks

A day at the beach with the kids may not always be, well, a day at the beach... if you're unprepared. You probably have all of your necessities packed and ready to go: food, water, shade, sunscreen, etcetera, etcetera. But, we'd like to suggest a few super simple yet utterly mind-blowing beach hacks that you may not have thought of to make your beach day the very best it can be.
Ready? Prepare to be awed and amazed.

Use a mesh bag to hold sand toys.

You may not give too much thought to this. You should! Of course you need something to carry the kids' beach toys in, but be sure to choose wisely. A backpack or regular ol' beach bag may be your usual. However, may we suggest a mesh bag? The holes in it serve two very important purposes:
1. The sand falls out but the toys stay in.
2. You can quickly and easily rinse the sand toys off under the shower and they will quickly air dry in the mesh bag.
It's really the only way to go. Brilliant.

Bring cupcake liners to catch popsicle drips.

Cool treats are fun and necessary on a hot day at the beach. But, they can be messy and melt very quickly on a summer's day. Those cheap and easy-to-find paper or foil cupcake liners can help you minimize the mess! Slide them up the up the stick and nestle it right under the popsicle. The liner will catch the drips before they splatter onto your child. 
Who knew? Try it!

Freeze aloe vera in ice cube trays.

Before you leave your home or beach vacation rental, freeze some aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray. When you get back, remove them and apply for an instant cooling, skin-soothing refresher after a long, hot day. 
Your skin will thank you!

Consider bringing an inflatable baby pool to the beach.

If you have toddlers, you may be worried about keeping an eye on them near the ever-moving ocean. They may also not be a big fan of the sand or surf yet and be a bit intimidated. A small, inflatable kiddie pool doesn't take up much room in your (mesh) beach bag nor does it take long to blow up. It is an easy way to give your toddler a sand-free space to play in. You can also fill it with some water to give them a safe place for water play without them being too near ocean. 
It's a win-win for the parents and the kids!

Bring a few bread bag tags to fix flip-flops.

Bread tags, what? Why? This may sound strange, but it's actually brilliant. Everyone knows that you buy and wear flip flops to the beach (usually the cheap ones you got on sale for like two bucks). Inevitably someone's flip flop breaks and detaches from the sole. Solution? Don't throw them away! Instead, whip out one of those plastic bread tags that comes on a loaf of bread or a pack of buns. Pull the unattached thong back through the bottom of the flip flop, secure the bread tag on the thong so it can't slip back through the hole in the sole, and you're good to go.
VoilĂ ! Fixed. You probably saved yourself an extra few bucks, too. Go buy yourself an ice cream instead.

Tattoo your kids.

No, not the permanent kind! This is purely for safety reasons and completely removable. In case of a roaming child on a big beach, it's best to have waterproof contact information attached to said child. Don't give all of your personal information away, of course, just a cell phone number where you can be reached in the event your child wanders too far.
The SafetyTat child ID tattoo is one example, but there are others out there, too. Google it!


Mind-blowing kid-friendly beach hacks

 Well, did we blow your mind with any of these ideas? Hopefully one or more of these kid-friendly tips and tricks can help you have the best beach day ever. Check out more of the best beach hack ideas for families with kids right here. Enjoy!

What's your best kid-friendly tip or trick for a day at the beach? We'd love to hear it!


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