Why Winter is the Best Time to See Dolphins on the NC Coast

Why Winter is the Best Time to See Dolphins on the NC Coast

You might think that an Emerald Isle beach vacation is only for summer, but you would be missing out! There are plenty of reasons to book an off-season beach vacation in Emerald Isle, NC including less crowded beaches, temperate weather, lower rates on vacation rentals, abundant shelling, and lots of dolphin watching—just to name a few. Winter is a wonderful time to plan an Emerald Isle beach escape and also the ideal time to do some dolphin watching. Here's why!

Winter Dolphin Watching in Emerald Isle

Winter is the best time to see dolphins off the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, and more of them are actually seen during this time of year than any other. Why? North Carolina's 2.3 million acres of brackish waters and productive fish nursery areas offer prime habitat for bottlenose dolphins to live and raise their young. The waters around Morehead City, Beaufort, Harkers Island, and Cape Lookout provide fantastic places to watch dolphins. During the summer these marine mammals take their young into backwater nursery areas, where food is abundant and predators scarce. During the fall and early winter dolphins move out of our estuaries into the near-shore ocean waters, hunting the millions of fish migrating from North Carolina's shallow sounds. Other species, such as spotted dolphins, travel the offshore waters and often migrate from cooler northern waters to warmer southern waters.

Watch the Dolphins from Your Oceanfront Emerald Isle Rental

If you want a front row seat to all of the dolphin watching action, then you definitely want to choose an oceanfront vacation rental. Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean views from your oceanfront deck anytime you want. Sit back, relax, and observe all of the coastal wildlife that's right outside your doorstep. Your chances of spotting a pod of dolphins is much greater if you have more opportunities to do so. Take a look at Sun-Surf Realty's oceanfront vacation rentals in Emerald Isle, NC and find the right one for you and your family. Then let the dolphin watching begin!

Dolphin Watching Tours on the Crystal Coast

If you're looking for an up-close-and-personal dolphin watching experience, try one of the local dolphin watching tours or cruises. There are plenty to choose from, each with its own unique style and mode of water transportation.

Video of Dolphin Pod Swimming & Playing Off of Emerald Isle Beach

Check out this drone footage of dolphins frolicking in the local waters off of Emerald Isle beach. They are just so amazing and fun to watch. They're even better to watch in person, so make your plans to be here. But for now, enjoy the video!

Have you seen dolphins during your Emerald Isle beach vacation?

Why Winter is the Best Time to See Dolphins on the NC Coast

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