Pirates Invade the Crystal Coast This Weekend: Aye!

Hear ye, hear ye! Beware, mateys. This Friday, August 9 and Saturday, August 10, Beaufort is teeming with swashbuckling, grog-drinking, sword-fighting pirates. You heard rightpirates!

As you enjoy your Crystal Coast beach vacation, be sure to make yer way down to the Beaufort waterfront this weekend, if you dare. Be prepared to encounter the brethren of the sea as they attack this sleepy little Crystal Coast town by land and by sea during the infamous Beaufort Pirate InvBeaufort Pirate Invasion Sword Fightingasion. These nefarious characters can be found roaming the streets and alleyways of Beaufort, lurking in the shops, engaging in battles, breaking into song, and recruiting new blood for their plundering and pillaging ways. Remember, no prey, no pay.

On Friday at high noon, the pirates launch their land attack and wreak havoc amongst the townfolk (that's you, ye landlubber) before the Town of Beaufort is surrendered at Grayden Paul Park. The official surrender ceremony begins at 12:15 sharp. Other activities throughout the day on Friday include a pirate costume contest for kids age 12 and under, a dockside viewing of the Meka II and a chance to meet the notorious Captain Sinbad, live music, sword dancing, a magic show and more. The kids can enjoy facepainting, plunder and fun from noon to 5p.m. at the Beaufort Historical Grounds and at Dockhouse Park. The day wraps up with a a dinner and buccaneer review from 5:30-8:30p.m. Prepare ye self for a pirate variety show like no other, and all the grog you can handle.

Beaufort Pirate Invasion ParadeSaturday's scandalous shenanigans begin at 8a.m. with a pre-grog 5K run, jog, walk or swagger during the Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle O' Run event. The rest of the day's activities begin at 10a.m., so come early. At 1p.m., these cantankerous rogues gather at the Beaufort Historic Site in preparation for battle once again. Gather up yer courage and join in the parade through town as you head toward Taylor's Creek for the epic battle as the townspeople scramble to prepare for the mutiny that enfolds on the water at 1:30p.m. The day includes more live music, costume contests for the wee ones, weapons demonstrations, sword fighting, sword dancing, and the usual privateer antics.

The suspense builds at 4p.m. as the pirates go on trial for their dastardly deeds. What will be their fate? Time in the gaol (that's pirate for jail)? A good ol' flogging? Hanged for their treachery? A trip to Davy Jones' Locker?

The Beaufort Pirate Invasion goes out with a bang as the town celebrates the return to peace and prosperity. From 6-10p.m., the Parley on the Waterfront promises an evening filled with liveBeaufort Pirate Invasion by Sea music, grog swilling, and plenty of good cheer. Admission is free for all; grog is available for purchase. (Open containers are allowed in designated areas only.)

For all information and full details, be sure to check out the Beaufort Pirate Invasion's schedule of events. Free parking is available in any of the Mullet Line Trolley parking lots. Hop the trolley for a $1 per person, per day, for a leisurely ride into the heart of the Beaufort invasion.

We hope to see you scallywags in Beaufort this weekend. Sail ho!

*Photos courtesy of the Beaufort Pirate Invasion.

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