The Most Popular Beach House Amenities This Year

The Most Popular Beach House Amenities This Year | SUn-Surf Realty

Whether you're the owner of an Emerald Isle beach house rental or you're in the market for the Emerald Isle real estate of your dreams, you may be wondering what amenities matter most in a beach house. You may own and use the beach house solely for yourself and your family, or maybe you're thinking about taking your beach house to the next level by renting it out as a vacation rental. Either way, you want it to have the amenities that matter most to your guests. Consider these!

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1. Easy Beach Access

Close, convenient, easy access to the beach is one of the top beach house amenities. Don't worry, you don’t have to own an oceanfront home to be competitive in the rental market. You just have to provide helpful information in your listing about how to access the beach and the best way to get there from your vacation rental. Guests consistently book properties that make getting to the beach a breeze. So if your home is right on the beach, great! If it's not, be sure to list the best and fastest way to get there. Let them know in advance the distance or walking time to the beach. Your guests will want to know and it will clear up any location questions they may have right from the get-go.

2. Inviting Outdoor Space

Having a beach house with a deck, patio, yard, or other outdoor space that offers conveniences such as a grill, fire pit, outdoor shower, comfortable seating, and outdoor dining options are some of the most popular beach house amenities that guests want. Having an inviting outdoor space where there is a flowing transition from the inside to outside (and vice-versa) is a top beach house amenity that's guaranteed to generate interest in your property and put your beach home at the top of many potential guests' lists of top choices. Whatever your beach house has to offer when it comes to outdoor living, make sure your guests know what they can expect to enjoy during their stay.

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3. Ways to the Water

Beach lovers are oftentimes water lovers, too. So any access your Emerald Isle beach house has to the water, whether it be fresh water or salt water, be sure to let your guests know what they have to look forward to. Swimming pools, boat docks, fishing docks—as well as kayak, canoe and padddleboard access—are big draws to potential guests. Is your beach house only steps away from the ocean or sound? Then make sure to make mention of that. Whatever your beach house has to offer when it comes to its proximity to on-the-water fun, be sure to highlight those amenities in your property description. They matter!

4. Well-Appointed Kitchen

One of the biggest advantages of a beach house rental over a hotel/motel stay is offering your guests a full kitchen with the appliances and comforts of home that matter most to them. The number one reason why travelers choose vacation rentals over hotels is to have a kitchen so they can cook! Cooking homemade meals provides a huge cost savings. This little fact might surprise you: Did you know that a blender is one of the most popular amenities that beach home guests desire? It's true. Whether it's for healthy smoothies to start the day or tropical frozen cocktails to enjoy any time of day, blenders seem to really matter to beach vacation rental guests. Other important staples in the kitchen beyond the standard big appliances include a quality coffee maker, toaster or toaster oven, microwave and a nice supply of kitchenware and cookware. 

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5. Beach Extras

Whatever extras your Emerald Isle beach house has to offer, be sure your guests know about them. It's the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference when it comes to choosing to stay at one beach house over another. Whether it's a special feature of your beach home that sets it apart from the rest, extra beach supplies you have in the home, or family-friendly offerings that are available to your guests, those are the things you want to highlight and share. Games and recreational activities, beach carts and coolers, pool floats and toys, bikes and kayaks—be sure to let your guests know all that they will have access to during their beach vacation, especially the things that they may not get in another rental. 

What things matter most to you in an emerald isle beach house?

We want to know! Our comment section is open and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

The Most Popular Beach House Amenities This Year | SUn-Surf Realty

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