Keep your Healthy Resolutions AND Enjoy your Vacation? Yes you Can!

It’s January 20th. You are now only 11 days shy of the end of January. Seemingly random fact? Perhaps, but here comes the hook…have you already forgotten your New Year’s Resolution?

I know I got a few of you there! Some research has shown that by as early as January 10th, most have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. (It’s an interesting article.) 

So, for many of us, our New Year’s resolutions for the shining 2015 have probably included something about healthy living, exercise, or diet. Now, let’s just say that you are doing really well on your resolutions (maybe you are following our 4 top tips for keeping your resolutions and filling out the free printable chart) but then suddenly, it’s time for your to begin your Emerald Isle vacation and suddenly you’re not so sure how you will keep up with your healthy routine in the midst of all the fun family adventures? Don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of easy, fun ways to keep your resolution for a healthier lifestyle going right here in Emerald Isle. 


Don’t stop reading! I know that exercise can sometimes be considered a dirty word for many people, but there are some really fun ways that you can keep healthy and active. One of the best places for you to get exercise while on your vacation here in Emerald Isle (besides long walks on the beach and swimming in the surf) is by attending one of the many classes at the Emerald Isle Parks and 
Recreation Center. They offer lots of really fun classes including Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, and more! The classes are taught by certified instructors and anyone is welcome to attend the classes. For visitors there are several options for attending the class. You can purchase a 1 day membership for $10, or a week membership for only $30. Purchasing a membership will allow you a discounted rate on any of the classes, access to the weight room, tennis courts, gymnasium, and lots of workout equipment. You can also pay for each class individually if you are not interested in a membership. You can find out more about class rates on their website

Another great part about the Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Center is that they also have lots of fun activities for the kids and families like Story Time and seasonal activities for all ages. So, attending the Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Center while on vacation is not only a great way to stay healthy and active, but also a really fun way to keep up with those resolutions.




When you are on vacation on the Crystal Coast, and you think of food—fish immediately comes to mind. But, for all of us with resolutions to eat healthier we wonder what kinds of foods should I be eating? Does fish find a place on that list? And the answer is yes! 

Research shows that eating fish that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids is one of your best heart-healthy options! Eating fish at least twice a week has actually been recommended by the American Heart Association as one of the best ways to help prevent heart disease. The Omega-3 fatty Foodacids help reduce inflammation in your body, especially around your heart and can help reduce cholesterol. Fish such as tuna, or even shrimp are good for the Omega-3s, just make sure that you are eating these fish grilled, broiled, or baked for the best health results (instead of deep fried- I know it’s good, but try to resist!). The Crystal Coast is home to some of the best fish and fish restaurants around, so you can get your fish fix at any of our favorite local seafood restaurants. 

Of course, you should always be willing to indulge in a little treat so that you are not craving sweets and then binge eating later. Other research has shown that indulging in a little sweets can actually help you stay on track with your healthy eating because you are telling your brain that you are not depriving yourself of a little treat. So, if you are in the mood for a treat, you can check out our favorite places for a little indulgence


Our final bit of advice (research supported, of course) for keeping your New Year’s resolutions for healthy living even while on vacation in beautiful Emerald Isle, is to take it easy. Relaxing can help you in so many ways. Relaxing can help you mentally decompress, but it also has some awesome health benefits.  It can prevent you from catching a cold, it can boost your memory (boy, do I need that one!), and lowers your risk of stroke, heart attacks, and depression. Relaxation can also Relaxationhelp you to make better decisions and eat healthy because you are making clear and conscious decisions. There are many more reasons why relaxing is so good for you and more research comes out all the time that continues to prove the benefits. And what better way to find some rest and relaxation than to lay out on the beach with a good book and no cares in sight??

So, it is a New Year and with that New Year comes resolutions. Keeping those resolutions can sometimes be tricky on vacation, but there’s no need to give up on something you've worked so hard for! We hope that these tips motivate you to keep your healthy resolutions and give you all the more reason to plan your vacation today!  

Share with us: What are some of your resolutions? How are you keeping them while on vacation? 

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