How to Prepare Your Rental for the Busy Season

How to Prepare Your Rental for the Busy Season | Sun-Surf Realty

As the owner of a vacation rental here in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, we want to help you prepare for the upcoming months and seasons by giving you some tips on how to prepare your rental for next year's peak beach season and what you can do to feel ready for it. Read up on these seven ways to make sure you have your vacation rental in tip-top shape and guest-ready for the new year ahead. Feel at ease knowing you're going to offer your guests the best vacation rental experience possible. Here's how to do it!

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1. Make your vacation rental sparkle and shine.

Doing a deep clean between guests is not realistic, but doing one before the busy rental season is a must. Vacation rentals go through their share of wear and tear when you have back-to-back guests coming and going. Take advantage of the shoulder and off seasons to attend to a deep cleaning of your rental home in preparation for the high season ahead when you won't have the time or ability to do it. Deep cleaning allows you to really focus on the things that can't be addressed in the regular cleanings between guests. Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals to come in, it's a must do!

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2. Take inventory and restock your rental supplies.

As a vacation rental owner, it's crucial to take stock of your supplies. From the kitchen to the bathrooms, you should restock necessary items between stays as needed, but starting out your busy season with a full inventory will save your guests from a trip to the store when they run out of something—and you from a negative review if they do. It’s smart to have a dedicated closet where you keep multiples of items that are necessities to guests. This includes extra pillows and blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, and any paper products that you already keep stocked for your guests.

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3. Check your appliances and test your technology.

Now is the time to do a thorough check of the appliances in your rental, as well as any technology you have in place for your guest. Do a thorough walk-through of your property and make sure your TVs, kitchen appliances, wifi, and laundry machines are in working order. Put fresh batteries in your remotes, and replace any light bulbs that have gone dark (batteries and light bulbs are examples of some helpful extras to keep in that supply closet!). On your way out, make sure your locks are in solid shape and that your alarm systems are working properly so that no problems arise when guests arrive.

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4. Do any necessary touch-ups and repairs.

Take a stroll through every room in your rental. Are there any obvious blemishes that need attending to? Make sure to take care of whatever small touch-ups are needed so that your home doesn’t look worn down for your busiest rental period. You may be dealing with major refurbishing due to circumstances beyond your control, but whatever the case may be, take heart in knowing that what you're doing will benefit both you and your guests in the long run. Keep your eye on the end goal and focus on what you can do to make your rental the best it can be, even if it takes a little more time than expected.

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5. Spruce up the outdoor areas.

Just as you take a walk-through of the inside of your vacation rental, be sure to do the same thing outside, too. What needs attending to? Does your landscaping need a bit of TLC? How does your deck look? Spruce up the exterior of your vacation rental by power washing if needed, freshen up your outdoor living spaces (patios, decks or porches), and give your yard a once over. View it from the perspective of your potential guests. Will they feel at home and comfortable with what you are offering? If any of your outdoor furniture looks weathered or worn out, consider cleaning it up or replacing it if necessary. 

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6. Be organized before the busy rental season begins.

It is essential to get all of your ducks in a row before busy season begins. You need to get completely organized ahead of time. This includes ensuring that you are on top of responding to every inquiry. Creating a clear schedule and path of communication between yourself and your service providers is crucial during your prime booking time, where quick turnovers are a regular occurrence and each visitor’s experience is just as important as the last. It’s easy to let some things slip when you’re churning through guests at a fast, steady pace, so putting as much effort as possible into staying organized can be the determining factor that gives you and a your vacation rental a stellar season.

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7. Provide the best guest experience possible.

Have you been going the extra mile for your guests? Do you provide them with an atmosphere and  experience that blows their expectations out of the water? If not, you should look into what you can do to go above and beyond for your guests–a strategy that leads to rave reviews and loyalists for your property. Every busy season is your best opportunity to build up a large collection of happy customers, and a perfect chance to bolster your listing. Don't underestimate the small touches that make a big difference in a very competitive market. You want to leave not only a good first impression, but a lasting one that brings your guest back to your rental property year after year. 

Of course, having a professional property management team helps to make all of this much easier to manage. If you're looking for local experts with years of experience managing rental properties in Emerald Isle, NC then contact Sun-Surf Realty today. We're happy to help! You can read all about Sun-Surf's Property Management Services here


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Did we miss anything? Let us know! What do you do in preparation for the busy beach vacation rental season that lies ahead?

How to Prepare Your Rental for the Busy Season | Sun-Surf Realty

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