How to Pack a Capsule Wardrobe for the Beach

Capsule Wardrobe for the Beach

When it comes to packing for your beach vacation, why not make it as easy as can be? Forget lugging all those extras that you'll probably never use anyway and instead consider packing a capsule wardrobe for the beach. Travel capsule wardrobes are one of the keys to traveling lightly. 

A capsule wardrobe has clothing that works in a variety of situations (and will also fit into a carry-on if you're flying to your vacation destination). All of the pieces coordinate with each other and combine for different looks. At most, you will be taking one week's worth of clothing. It doesn’t sound like much, but you’ll be combining the clothing to create far more than a week's worth of outfits.  A great capsule wardrobe of just 9 pieces can give you over 40 outfits!

Are you ready to pack your capsule wardrobe for your next Emerald Isle, North Carolina beach vacation? Great! Here's what you need to know and just how to do it.

1. Research your vacation destination.

Until you know what the conditions are like at your beach vacation destination during the time you plan to be there (and what the weather forecast looks like), you can't really prepare well. So go ahead and research those things first.

Don't forget to take into account the type of activities you'll be participating in and what type of clothing is best suited for those vacation outings and activities.

Now you're ready to start choosing the items for your capsule wardrobe.


2. Plan your colors.

Choose two neutrals (one dark and one light) to base your entire travel capsule wardrobe around and then pick one or two accent colors. You can fill in the gaps with white, cream, black, or other neutral pieces.

Add in some colorful tops and accessories in your accent color for fun. And don't forget to pick a metal for any jewelry you intend to wear during your beach vacation. 

Color Palettes

3. Begin with basics.

The basic wardrobe includes the clothing you will be wearing while in transit and then a minimal number of pieces that all work together to create your outfits.

Since the beach is a pretty specific kind of vacation destination, we've rounded up two good resources to help guide you in packing the beach wardrobe essentials. 

We like this Women's Capsule Wardrobe for a Beach Vacation.

Pinterest also has a million and one Beach Capsule Wardrobe ideas and outfits to help get you started and give you some beach packing inspiration.

The Basics

4. Add accessories.

Accessories have the ability to totally change an outfit. Just be careful with your accessories, as too many means too much weight.  

Think about your beach must-haves and plan accordingly. Beach gear, hats, beach coverups and beach bags are the big ones. But also consider accessories you may need when you're off the beach like necklaces, bracelets, belts and shoes.

Start with what you think you'll need and then go back through those items and eliminate the extras or the least necessary items if you find you have too many. 


5. Arrange outfits.

Now it's time to see how your vacation outfits come together. Mix and match and arrange clothing pieces into different outfits and make sure you're happy with your options. It helps to choose a bed or a large space on the floor to lay out your vacation wardrobe. 

This helps you visualize and review your capsule and make sure it actually works for you and your vacation. Placing clothing items next to each other helps you visualize your outfits and create new ones.

It also helps to actually try the outfits on and make sure they work.

Arrange Outfits

6. Make adjustments.

It's okay to make some changes as you go through your outfits. If you have room to add a few extras, great. If you have too much, go ahead and remove a few of the least essential pieces. 

You now should have everything you think you’ll need for travel and for your vacation.

Do a final once over and make sure you include clothes and accessories that you feel comfortable in and really like. You’ll be living in them for a week or longer. 

Double check your vacation packing list and make sure you didn't forget anything important. 

Pack smarter, not harder!

Make Adjustments

For more details on these and other travel capsule wardrobe packing tips, we love this post: How to Pack a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Have you ever tried packing a capsule wardrobe? 

We want to know! Let us hear your tips and advice in the comment section below.

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