How to Keep Your Beach Home Safe and Secure

How to Keep Your Beach Home Safe and Secure

Owning a beach home is a worthy investment. Like anything of value, you want to protect it. Whether you live at your beach house full-time, part-time, or use it as a vacation rental, you want peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure both when you're there and while you're away. So, what can you do? Here are some of the best ways to protect your home and your investment. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes.


Use LocksNeighbors

This sounds obvious, but even the best locks can't protect you if you don't use them. Diligently check that all windows and doors are locked before you leave your home.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Neighbors can be the best defense against home burglary. Working together to protect each other in your neighborhood benefits everyone. Starting up a neighborhood or community crime watch gives you an added means of security, knowing that your neighbors are keeping a watchful eye on anything that looks amiss. It's also one of the cheapest ways to invest in your safety and security. If you're going to be away for an extended period time, asking someone you trust to come by and check on your home is an added measure of protection for your home.

Secure Your Spare

Speaking of neighbors, give your spare key to a trusted neighbor. Don't leave it hidden on your property. Thieves have way more experience looking for keys than you do hiding them. Don't risk it!

Guard Your GarageGarage Door

If you're leaving your car outside of the garage, never leave your garage opener in it. Take it into the house with you. If you have any side doors or other means of access to your garage, make sure they are securely locked.

Protect Your Valuables

Keep your most treasured possessions as hidden and secure as possible in your home. Don't make them easy to find and don't keep them all in one place. 

Lots of Lighting

Lighted motion detectors and abundant outdoor lighting make it harder for suspicious activity to occur without being noticed. Keep your doorways and other entryways well lit and easy to observe at night. 

Consider an Alarm SystemAlarm

You want your house to be as hard to get into as possible, and you certainly don't want to make it easy or appealing for someone to break in. The higher your levels of security, the less likely your house will be targeted. You want to make your home is as uninviting to burglars as possible. Most homeowners insurance policies give discounts on your premiums when you have a security or alarm system installed in your home. And let's face it, you really can't put a price tag on peace of mind. With today's technology, monitoring your home while you're there or away, is incredibly easy as many home security devices work in conjunction with your phone or tablet.

Catalog Your Expensive Possessions

Keeping track of what you own and knowing what's in every room makes it much easier to retrieve that information if something should happen to your valuable possessions. Whether you take a photo or video of each room in your home, make a list, or create a spreadsheet of what valuables are in each room of your home, it will be much easier to recall this information quickly and easily. How many of us can remember exactly what is in each room of our home without a little (or a lot) of thought? That's the point. Be proactive and make it easier on yourself in case of an emergency or break-in situation. 
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What other security measures do you use to keep your home safe and protected? 

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