How to Have the Most Wonderful Labor Day in Emerald Isle

How to Have the Most Wonderful Labor Day in Emerald Isle

We're celebrating the symbolic end of summer this Labor Day holiday here on the gorgeous Crystal Coast of North Carolina. We hope you have your Emerald Isle vacation rental booked and that you'll soon be on your way to celebrate with us. (If you don't there's still time!) In the true spirit of Labor Day, we're encouraging you to set your work, worries and troubles aside and focus on some total rest and relaxation. You're on the coast of somewhere beautiful, so dig your toes in the sand, grab a drink in your hand, and let's get started. Here's how to have the most wonderful Labor Day weekend in Emerald Isle. Cheers!


1. Take a real vacation. Outer Banks View


Labor Day celebrates the working American by giving all of us a day off from our labors. That means you should take a real vacation! Make a full stop from your responsibilities in life and put a priority on enjoying your freedom to take the Labor Day weekend—or better yet, the whole week—off. Immerse yourself in peace and tranquility. Spend time with your loved ones. Savor the simple things. Emerald Isle makes that really easy with plenty of time to do all those things in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Whether you choose to relish in the comfort of your vacation rental oasis or spend your time in the natural elements amongst the sun, sand and sea, you'll soon forget all about work, worries and stress. Emerald Isle has a way of soothing and restoring the soul, while giving you a real vacation from the demands of life. 

2. Trade online time for real time.


It seems that we spend more and more of our time online whether it's social media, work emails, watching YouTube, Googling this and that, or just surfing the web. Whew, sometimes you just need a major break away from the information overload. Make a mindful effort and commitment to put down your phone, tablet and your computer and look around to see what you're missing. Real life is happening in real time, and you don't want to let it pass you by. All of the other stuff will be there when you get back, so refocus on the here and now. The moment that's happening before it becomes the moment that's passed. Trade in your online time for real time spent with your family and friends, and create memories in the making that will last a lifetime. No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram required!

3. Bask in the coastal Carolina beauty.Wild Horses


When is the last time you got up early to watch the sunrise? Have you ever really listened to the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean waters as they meet the sand? Have you laid back on the beach and looked up at the moon recently? (The full moon falls during the week of Labor Day, just FYI!) When did you last breathe in the salty air and feel the coastal breeze blowing through your hair? You are missing out on all of these things and more if you're not at the beach to take advantage of them. The Crystal Coast of North Carolina offers so much raw beauty for you to feast your eyes upon. Watch the wild horses as they graze contently on the shoreline. Paddle out into the middle of the blue waters and experience the vastness that surrounds you. Walk the beach and explore the coastline on a more intimate level. Get back in touch with nature for awhile and see what you've been missing. You'll be oh so glad that you did. 

4. Spend time with your friends and family.


Without the distractions of work and other daily responsibilities, you're given the opportunity to focus on what really matters in life—your loved ones. Give them the quality time they deserve by being present and tuned in to your family and friends. Make a concerted effort to catch up, talk, listen, laugh and just be together. Whether you're spending your days on the beach or embarking on coastal adventures together, be sure to schedule in a little downtime to encourage family time together where everyone is in the same place at the same time enjoying each other's company. It is always worth it.

5. Set aside some "you" time. Alone Time


Let's not forget about you. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What new adventures are on your bucket list? You deserve some time to recharge your own batteries, and you certainly can't be there for your family if you're running on empty. Refill your spirit, restore your best you, and take some dedicated time to spend with yourself. The time is now to indulge in your favorite things.

Do you like to golf?

Want to go fishing?

Looking to catch up on a good read?

Want to get pampered?

Are you a foodie?

Are you an outdoor adventurer?

Are you a thrill seeker?


Whatever your pleasure, you can find it all here in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. You just have to be here...  so make that happen. We wish you a safe, enjoyable Labor Day filled with sun, sand, salt and surf. May it be the best one yet. Happy Labor Day!

It's not too late to plan your Labor Day getaway this year or to start planning for next year's beach vacation on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Check out our Emerald Isle rentals and start making your plans to join us at the beach. 
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How are you spending the Labor Day holiday? Make sure you take a real break from your work and worries this weekend. You deserve it!

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