How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House

How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House

One of the decisions to be made when selling your home is whether or not to hold an open house. As most potential buyers won't want to buy a house unseen, it's often in your best interests to offer this opportunity to show off your beautiful home. But first, there are certain things you should do to prepare your home to look its absolute best. Check out these tips to help prepare your home for an open house that results in offers and an expedient sale.


One of the biggest turn-offs to potential buyers is a home filled with clutter. How can they envision themselves living in your home if they can't see past all the stuff? Clearing out the clutter is the first step in preparing your home for an open house. You have to pack your things up anyway in preparation to move, so it's best to start right away. Box up things you don't need in the interim and put them in storage. You can also minimize the furniture in your home to give the appearance of an open, larger space in each of the rooms.


You're going to have to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. You can do it yourself or you can make your life a little easier and hire a cleaning company to come in and do it for you. They will most likely clean all the spots that get neglected over time like baseboards, ceiling fans, and the less visible spaces of your home. While potential buyers may not notice a perfectly clean home, they will surely notice if isn't. 


Storage areas are key selling points with any home that's on the market. The more the better! You just have to make sure that those areas are well organized. While you're packing up some of your things, you may want to focus on removing the extras from closets, cabinets, drawers, pantries and other storage spaces in your home. An overly cluttered storage space gives the appearance that there's not enough room to store things in the house. This is something buyers will definitely pay attention to, so be ready.


You want buyers to envision your house as their home. By depersonalizing the rooms, they will have a much easier time doing that. You want your home to be inviting in a neutral sort of way, not so homey that they see your family everywhere. Family photos and other personal mementos are a distraction and a poor use of the valuable space in your home when it comes time to sell. Don't worry, when you get settled in to your new home, you can put up all the family photos and items you know and love. This is only temporary!


It's a just a fact that you get used to the odors in your home and sometimes you can't even recognize them. It's best to have your realtor or a friend or neighbor come and do a smell check. Home odors are an immediate put-off to someone coming into your home, so make sure to eliminate any possibility of that—especially if you have pets. Shampoo the carpets, wash any curtains or drapery, and thoroughly clean any high-traffic areas that need extra attention. 


Potential buyers will notice the imperfections in your home very quickly. Now's the time to fix and repair those items such as a leaky faucet, a burned-out light bulb, damaged fixtures, and other maintenance type of items. Be as proactive as you can be so that you won't have someone else notice something that you overlooked. It's a great idea to get a second opinion from someone else of what they notice when walking through your home.


You can hire a professional stager if you need help, or if you have taken everything out of your home already and don't want your home to look bare. Or you can do it yourself by making certain areas of your home more inviting. Stage your living room to make the optimal use of the space while still feeling warm and inviting. Set the dining room table with your best dinnerware and some fresh flowers. Put out some soft, fluffy towels in your bathrooms to give those areas a more luxurious appeal.


Your home's curb appeal is often a guest's first impression, so you want to make it a good one. Landscaping matters! Mow the lawn, weed the beds, mulch around trees, trim the hedges, and make your yard and entryway look as manicured as possible. Pay attention to your front door, put down a new welcome mat, and add a few potted plants or flowers to make the entrance to your home clean, welcoming and inviting. 


You've done your part and now it's time to leave the rest of it your trusted real estate professional. Realtors know how to showcase your home and answer questions that potential buyers will ask. It's best for you as the owner to not be around during the hours of the open house. Buyers will feel more comfortable that way. So now that all of your hard work is done, go out and enjoy some time away. Hopefully you'll come back with some competitive offers on your home. Best wishes! 


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How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House

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