How to Empty Your Emerald Isle Rental of Extra Food in 3 Easy Steps


We've been talking about the best ways to rid your Emerald Isle rental of extra food. This week, we'll focus on the best and most convenient way to empty your Sun-Surf beach vacation rental of the leftover food that remains once your vacation is finished. It's so quick and easy—you can do it in three simple steps. 

How? Here's what you need to do. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Gather up your unopened food items leftover from your Emerald Isle vacation.

You may be sad that you have to leave our beautiful beaches, but here's something that will cheer you up: Those in need can benefit from your vacation!

As you are packing up in preparation for your return trip home, don't throw all that extra food away. Instead, collect all of your unused, unopened food items and put them in your car to take with you once you check out of your Emerald Isle rental. 

2. Bring the extra food items from your Emerald Isle rental to the Sun-Surf Realty office.

As you're on your way out from checking out of your vacation rental, stop by our Sun-Surf Realty office on 7701 Emerald Drive. Bring your extra food items into the office and leave them with us. They're in good hands! We'll make sure they get to where they need to go. 

3. Let us take care of the rest by donating them to Caroline's House in Morehead City.

Sun-Surf Realty in Emerald Isle has partnered locally with Caroline's House in Morehead City for many years. Caroline's House shelters more than 250 women and children and is part of the Carteret County Domestic Violence Program (CCDVP), which provides safe haven to those in need while they escape violence and prepare to transition to a violence-free life. The CCDVP helps support happy, healthy, safe, and strong families by helping women, men, and children rebuild their lives.

You can rest assured knowing that you're making a difference in our community by helping individuals and families get back on their feet. Your contribution of extra food is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance for any extra food you're willing to give.

You can read more about Caroline's House and the Carteret County Domestic Violence Program here.


 You'll receive a reminder about the food collection for Caroline's House in your Sun-Surf vacation rental check-in package. Thanks in advance for the donation!


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