How to Easily Fit Everything into Your Beach Cooler

Beach days are the best days! Having a perfectly packed beach cooler is a life skill you need to have. Managing all you need to eat and drink and then packing it right are essential skills for any beach lover—but particularly when you have family and kids in tow. Here are a few tips on how to best pack your cooler and be well on your way to a successful day at the beach. Before you head out of your Emerald Isle vacation rental and onto the beach, be sure to read up on these helpful hints.

1. Pick the right size cooler. 

The correct cooler size is a key element to beach day success. The general rule of thumb is planning to have enough space for one sandwich and two drinks per person. You want a cooler that's sturdy enough to support what you're bringing, stays cold, and is easy to clean and keep sand-free. Thick-walled plastic coolers are the best options for consistent cooling and sturdy enough to transport without leaks and other issues.

2. Ice your cooler efficiently.

Effectively icing your cooler one of the most important aspects of packing a cooler. Not enough ice and your food doesn't stay cold enough for long enough, leaving you with a pool of water and a soggy mess. Too much ice and you don't have enough room for your food. So what's the solution? Frozen water bottles work well as ice packs and also serve double duty as your drinks, so they are a very efficient and effective way to keep your cooler cold. There's no worry of your food getting water logged when they melt, either. 

3. Make the most of the space.

When you're arranging the food and drinks and in your cooler, you want to maximize your space as much as possible. Try not to use more bulk than you need to pack the food items. Tupperware is fine as long as you have room for it, but wrapping sandwiches in plastic wrap and then covering them in foil saves more space and allows you to tuck them into the nooks and crannies of your cooler space much more easily. Keep food packaging as minimal as possible so you have more space available to use for other things. 

4. Pack your cooler the right way.

Whenever possible, pack your cooler in such a way that you place what you're going to be using first at the top of the cooler for fast and easy access. Obviously, any heavier items like Tupperware should be packed at the bottom so they don't crush more delicate items like sandwiches. The goal is to have the most organized cooler possible so that you can find what you need quickly and easily. The less amount of time your cooler lid is open, the longer your cooler and its contents stay cold. 

5. Keeping your cooler cool.

This might be the one step that's most overlooked. Keeping your cooler cool on the outside helps to keep it cool on the inside for a longer amount of time. Once you get to the beach, it's easy to get distracted with all of the fun in the sun you're about to have, but take a minute to strategically place your cooler. Burying it in the sand actually helps circulate the cold air from the bottom up and aids in the cooling process. Placing your cooler under the shade of a beach umbrella or covering it with a towel are also effective methods. 

Okay, now you're ready to pack your beach cooler and head out to Emerald Isle beach. Don't forget the sunscreen. You might also want to pop that in the cooler if you have a little bit of room leftover for it in there. That way when you reapply after a few hours, you'll also get a quick, cooling skin refresher at the same time. Have fun!

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