How to Beach-Proof Your Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

Beach-Proof Your Makeup
It's your long awaited beach vacation! You're excitedly heading out for a day at the beach eager to soak up the sun's rays, feel the sand between your toes and breathe in the salty ocean air. You want to look your best, of course, but you aren't sure how to transition your daily makeup routine from the every day to a beach day. You want to look prettily put together without looking overdone. Exactly how do you beach-proof your makeup so that it looks light, breezy and beautiful while still highlighting your best features—and holding up in the outdoor elements of sun, sand and sea? Let us help!

1. Apply sunscreen first.

First things first. You absolutely do not want to skip out on the sunscreen. The best way to start your beach day makeup routine is by applying high SPF sunscreen to your face and letting it soak in and dry before you apply anything else. Think of it as your base coat onto which everything else will be applied. We recommend a separate sunscreen made just for your face (waterproof is best) as they tend to be a little lighter in application while still providing full sunscreen protection. They also protect your skin against breakouts and clogged pores.


If you're going for extra coverage, you can mix your favorite foundation into your sunscreen before applying. You really don't want to use thick, greasy or creamy foundations that will instantly smudge in the heat and streak when you start to sweat. You want to keep your makeup products as light and sheer as possible. If you're looking for a little more coverage, you can apply a light translucent powder to combat shine and dust over any imperfections. For blemishes, opt to cover them with concealer first, blend, and finish with pressed powder.
So what do you do when it comes time to reapply your sunscreen to your face? We find that powdered sunscreen products make quick and easy work of it. Powdered sunblock won't disturb your makeup and can be applied just about anywhere—giving you the SPF protection you need while also freshening up your face.

2. Choose matte over gloss.

Matte bronzer is a nice way to give you a summer glow without looking to overdone. Skip the shimmery ones which tend to look super bright and sparkly in natural sunlight. Pick a shade that's a little darker than your skin tone and looks most like your natural tan. Dust it on just above your cheekbones, on the apple of your cheeks, on your eyelids— you can even brush a little bit on your forehead, temples and chin. 
Once your matte bronzer is applied, you have a good base to add a few extra pops of color. Thick glossy materials are not well suited for the beach. Besides the tendency to run and smear in the heat, they also serve as sand magnets. Skip the lipsticks, lip glosses and creamy blushes that tend to slide right of in the heat. Instead opt for a light lip stain or tinted lip balm, preferably with SPF. You can always add lip protection with SPF on top of your color base. For blush, stick to a light powder brushed lightly on your cheeks.

3. Opt for waterproof products.

The last thing you want to do is feel inhibited by your makeup. You're at the beach! Feel confident that your makeup is going to hold up in the sun, sand and surf with products that are specially designed for those conditions. If you're going to go to the trouble of wearing makeup, be sure it will hold up in the natural elements.

Waterproof mascara is a must. No worries about raccoon eyes and it lasts all day long. If you're going with eyeliner, choose a product that is waterproof, tear-proof and sweat-proof. They make some pretty amazing ones in a variety of shades that are just right for a day at the beach. (We love the Aqua Liners products from Sephora.) If you're using concealer, choose a product that will survive perspiration and splashing around in the water. There are plenty of good options for you to choose from in a variety of price ranges. 

Waterproof Makeup

Beach-proofing your makeup is pretty simple, right? It's basically a sunnier version of yourself! If you're looking for more beach makeup tips and tricks, read this article on How to Wear Glowing Makeup for Summer from Allure

Do you have any beach makeup tips or tricks you'd like to share? We'd love to hear them! Our comment section is always open.


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