Hot Bites and Cool Blues on the Crystal Coast

Hot Bites and Cool Blues on the Crystal Coast

There is always a reason to get out on the town during your Crystal Coast vacation! In addition to a bounty of local restaurants and eateries, you always have area events, festivals, attractions and things to do that extend well beyond the beach.




This time of year is always palate-pleaser with the chance to get a taste of the local flavor with the Bites and Blues event, which is promoted by the North Carolina Seafood Festival to bring awareness to the culinary creativity and eclectic food scene found in our Crystal Coast towns.




Here's what you can find during these favorite food-centric events.







Bites and Blues

Bites and Blues is a celebration of the area's finest chefs and their unique creations. This is coastal North Carolina, so you can expect a mouthwatering selection of the freshest seafood specialties.


At the end of the night, Bites and Blues attendees choose their favorite "Bite of The Nite”. The winning restaurant receives honors along with the prestigious White Plate award.

Bites and Blues is the perfect date-night-out for you and your loved one, or a great place to meetup with your foodie friends for a Crystal Coast culinary adventure.

 Bites and Blues on the Crystal Coast of NC



Tickets for Bites and Blues are available at the North Carolina Seafood Festival office for a cost of $35 per person. There are a limited number of tickets and it is recommended to purchase your ticket early, as this event tends to sell-out quickly. Proceeds from Bites and Blues are used for funding countywide scholarships given by the North Carolina Seafood Festival. So you're having fun for a good cause!




The 2016 Bites and Blues event is on Saturday, April 2 from 5-8:30p.m. This event has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike, so don’t miss out on the chance to "Bite Through The Night” on the beautiful Morehead City Waterfront. Get your tickets!



North Carolina Seafood Festival

 If you know anything about the Crystal Coast, then you have most likely heard or attended one of the area's signature events: The North Carolina Seafood Festival. The North Carolina Seafood Festival is Carteret County’s annual seafood celebration extraordinaire and the second largest festival in the state. Downtown Morehead City plays host to an average of 200,000+ people each year during the "First Weekend in October”.

Celebrating 30 years in 2016, the NC Seafood Festival begins on Friday, September 30 and runs through Sunday, October 2. Read more about the maritime history and heritage of the NC Seafood Festival, click here.

You can read up on all of the latest and greatest updates on the 30th anniversary festival fun on the North Carolina Seafood Festival Facebook page. Come and see for yourself why it's been voted Festival of the Year.


Plan Your Visit

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Who's ready for taste of the Crystal Coast? Do you have your tickets for Bites and Blues yet? Hurry!


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