Helpful Home Staging Tips You Need to Know

Home Staging Tips

When it comes to staging your home to sell, there are a few things you need to know. We have gathered some of the top tips from HGTV experts and compiled the most important and helpful staging strategies designed to help your home sell. Highlight your home's strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers with these top home-staging tips. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it the best it can be!

1. Make it sparkle and shine.Cleaning

Get in the mindset that you are having some very important guests coming to your home. Clean everything in your house from top to bottom. Potentinal buyers will be looking in cupboards, under sinks, and in closets—while inspecting just about everything—so be sure your home looks its best. Dust, vacuum, mop, wash windows and baseboards, and put cleanliness at the top of your home staging checklist. 
You also want to be mindful of any lingering odors in the house. Not only do you want it to look attractive, but you also want to be sure that there aren't any off-putting odors inside whether it be from pets, smoking or otherwise. Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint if your home has any noticeable odors since you may have become accustomed to them and not even recognize them, so it doesn't hurt to invite a friend over and ask them to do a quick "smell test".  

2. Say goodbye to clutter.

Declutter and depersonalize your home. One of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for sale is to get rid of the clutter. It's not only the knickknacks and trinkets that we're talking about here. Having too much furniture in a room is a major contributor to a room looking cluttered. If you think about home makeover shows, professional stagers usually come in and take away at least half of the owner's furnishings with the end result being a bigger looking house with less stuff and more space. You don't have to go that far, but it's important to really think about what you can live with and what you can live without. 
Depersonalizing your home is also key to showcasing the actual house, as opposed to showcasing your home. Excessive personal items like photos, collections, personal awards, electronics and collectibles make it difficult for buyers to see past your personal style and may deter a sale. Taking yourself out of the picture makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves, and their stuff, in your space.

3. Regroup and rearrange your furniture. 

There's a common misbelief that putting your furniture flat against the walls of your room allows for the most space. Instead, opt to float furniture away from walls to give the appearance of a larger space and group the furniture in a cozy conversational flow, allowing for clear traffic patterns throughout each room. Your room will in reality look bigger this way and give a warm, inviting vibe while also making it more user-friendly. 
Don't lock your furniture into one particular room of your home. Just because you bought a particular piece for a specific room of your home, doesn't mean it has to stay there. Give yourself permission to rearrange your furniture to best suit the overall appearance of your home. A simple change in furniture, artwork or other furnishings can quickly and easily transform a room. Experiment a little and don't be afraid to think outside of the box—or in this case, the room. 

Open Windows


4. Lighten and brighten your rooms.

Good lightening matters! It makes a home look warm and inviting. According to home staging experts, many of our homes are improperly lighted. An under-lit home is actually a pretty common home staging blunder; leaving the house looking dark and dingy as opposed to bright and cheerful.

You can remedy this problem by increasing the wattage in your lamps and light fixtures. The goal is a total of 100 watts per every 50 square feet. Take it a step further by making sure that there are three different kinds of light in each room: ambient (general or overhead lighting), task (pendant, overhead or reading lights) and accent lighting (on tables and walls).

You also want to allow for as much natural light in each room as possible. Open up the blinds and pull back draperies to let the light in. Remember, lighting is the most effective way to set a mood.

5. Go with neutrals.

While white walls may appear to be a blank canvas for a potential home buyer, neutrals appeal to the masses. Warm hues can instantly update a space making it more modern and welcoming, so go ahead and give your rooms a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color. It's the best bang for your buck and guaranteed to quickly refresh a dull, dated room. 
In this day and age, the definition of neutral extends way beyond beige, ranging from warm tans and honeys to soft blue-greens. Choose a beige or taupe for living spaces and a neutral green or blue for bathrooms. As for those bold wall colors, they have a way of reducing offers, so go with neutrals in large spaces.


6. Bring the outside in.

Professionally staged homes almost always have fresh cut flowers, beautiful greenery, or other outdoor elements that bring in life, color and beauty. No need to spend money on these things! Step outside your home and see what nature has to offer you right in your own yard. From spring buds to fall foliage and summer blossoms to berried holly branches, there are many ways to bring a touch of the outside into your home no matter what the season. 
Fresh flowers, fern fronds and other garden greenery bring a touch of brightness, color and a sense of home to any house. It's a simple way to accent any space and give an earthy welcome to your home. 

Outside In


7. Do some quick fixes.

Skip the major renovations and expensive upgrades, and instead, do a once-over of what needs immediate attention. Fix any obvious cracks, damage or eye sores in your home that will take away from your home's selling potential. Choose easy upgrades that don't require a lot of time or money but that can make a big impact on the appearance and selling potential of your home.
As we mentioned earlier, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room. Updating cabinets with paint and new hardware fixtures is another quick fix that doesn't require entirely new cabinetry. Buying new luxurious linens, accent pillows and other bedding can give new life to a bedroom and draw potential home buyers into that room, while making a lasting positive impression. Adequate storage space in a home is a big draw to potential buyers, so emptying out your closets and really highlighting the openness of those spaces is a simple way to make a big change. 


8. Grab attention right from the curb.

Curb appeal always matters. It's important that potential buyers are attracted to your home right when they drive up. Your home's outdoor space and entryway should draw them in and increase their interest in the rest of the home. You want to grab buyers' attention in the right ways and not make them want to turn around and keep on driving.
Easy outdoor elements that add to the curb appeal of any home include things like potted plants, blossoming flowers, a well-manicured lawn, clean porches and patios, and attractive entrances, which all work together in creating a welcoming invitation to your home and drawing potential buyers out of their cars and into your house. 


If you're getting ready to stage your home to sell, then we hope you find these tips helpful and doable. You can read more about these and other home staging tips from HGTV in the links below. 

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