Going Soundside

You’ve finally had your wish come true! You’re on your Emerald Isle vacation, you are going to spend the day on the beach, your cooler is packed with a delicious picnic, and you know all the activities that you’ve planned for a family fun day are going to go swimmingly (no pun intended). 

Unfortunately, when you finally arrive, you realize that this might not be as relaxing and peaceful as you had anticipated. The waves are pretty big, the little ones are hard to wrangle into one place, and now you’re starting to get stressed! 

First: take a deep breath. Inhale that salty sea air and know that nothing is going to get in the way of your perfect beach day, but what is the solution? Well, have you ever considered going soundside? There are so many benefits of trying out the soundside of the beach and we’ve got the 4-1-1 here just for you! 

What is the Sound? Bogue Sound

The sound is a term used to describe a saltwater lagoon or in other words, the span of water between the mainland and outlying banks or islands—in this case, the body of water that falls in between the mainland of Carteret County and the Bogue Banks. This area is known as Bogue Sound and is accessible from Emerald Isle. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

Why the Sound?

Going soundside has many benefits. Safety is a big benefit of the sound. Exploration for the little ones is a lot safer and more fun for them because of the shallow depths and lack of rough, high waves. Because the land blocks the large waves, you have far fewer worries when it comes to the little ones wading in the surf. 

The sound is also a great place to try out some fun new things such as kiteboarding and windsurfing because of the steady breeze from the ocean and the shallow waters. 

The sound is such a great, worry-free choice for enjoying the beach in calmer conditions.

Soundside Access

Emerald Isle has several access points to the soundside of the beach. You can check out all the beach accesses on this website. Because of the many access points, you’re sure to find an easy way to the soundside of the beach no matter where you are in Emerald Isle.

Soundside Rentals

Though there are many easily accessible ways to get to the soundside of the beach, you may be looking for a more permanent view during your vacation. Never fear, Sun-Surf Realty has hundreds of rentals available, and by going to our website, you can find some great rentals that are also soundside! This will be a great place for your whole family to relax, unwind, and have some fun during your Emerald Isle vacation all while enjoying the benefits of going soundside! 

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