Funny Beach Quotes That Will Make You Smile

Funny Beach Quotes

It's beach time! To get you in the mood, we've rounded up some of the best beach quotes guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you laugh out loud. Once you're done reading them, all that's left to do is book your next beach vacation. Go ahead and find the perfect Emerald Isle beach vacation rental for you and your family. We'll see you on the sand with a smile on your face. 

Let's be Mermaids

I’m done adulting. Let’s be mermaids.

Yes, let's! We need our toes in the sand and a drink in our hand. No worries, no responsibilities... Sounds perfect, right?

Beach Body

How to get a beach body:

1. Go to the beach 

2. Done!

It doesn't get any easier than that. Just do it.

Beach More

Beach more, worry less!

No shoes, no shirt, no problem. Everything is better and more laid back at the beach—just the way we like it. Join us!

I'm calling in Gone

I’m not calling in sick. I’m calling in GONE….FOREVER to the beach!

No regrets! Life is short.

Go where the rum is strong

Go where the wifi is weak and the rum is strong.

May there always be shells in your pocket and sand in your shoes. Cheers!

Girls just wanna have sun

Girls just wanna have sun.

And lots of it. Bring it on!

Call me on my shell

If you need me, call me on my shell.

Dial 1-800-SHELL.

99 problems but the beach ain't one

99 problems but the beach ain’t one.

Problems, what problems?

Beach Therapy

Beach therapy should be covered by health insurance.

We'd definitely switch to that provider. Wouldn't you?


I’m multi-slacking today.

Book, check. Drink, check. Nap, check. We're also keeping an eye on the sand, sun and sea all at the same time.

Sixth Month Vacation

I need a six month vacation twice a year.

Yes, please! Those are benefits that fit perfectly into our schedule.

Change in latitude

A change in latitude would help my attitude.

Go ahead and send me to my timeout chair on the beach.

Waking Up

I’m tired of waking up and not being at the beach.

Sigh. You know it doesn't have to be that way, right? 

No Shady Beach

No one likes a shady beach.

You can find plenty of sunshine and good times on Emerald Isle beach. Come join us!

Well, are you smiling? You should be! You should also start planning your next beach vacation. Emerald Isle, North Carolina awaits you. Cheers to the beach!

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smile because You're at the Beach.

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