FREE Back-to-School Bowling Blast Off for the Kids at MacDaddy's in Cape Carteret

Any headline with the words "back to school" in it may not be so popular right now. How can it be that summer will soon be coming to an end and a new school year will shortly be in session? Well, let's not focus too much on the school part right now; instead, let's divert our attention to the remaining days of summer freedom with a fun event for the kids. MacDaddy's Entertainment Center in Cape Carteret is offering a Bowling Blast Off event on Saturday, August 24 from 10am to 3pm.

Whether you live here in Emerald Isle or you're vacationing on the Crystal Coast during the end of August, Free Bowling at MacDaddy'sthis event is sure-to-please the younger crowd. The MacDaddy's Bowling Blast Off offers a free game of bowling for the kids, a coloring contest, popcorn station, face painting, as well as a host of kid-friendly vendors on-hand throughout the day. The police and fire departments are also there that day. Ooh, did we forget to mention that there are also prizes? Yes, lots of prizes!

If you are fortunate enough to be a resident here (sorry, vacationers) and you find that your child has an affinity for bowling, it's also a great time to sign-up for Mac's Juniors bowling league. It's a fun way for your young ones to hone their skills and build bonds with other fellow bowling enthusiasts. Be sure to ask about it while you're there.

For vacationers, Cape Carteret is just a short drive over the Cameron Langston Bridge from Emerald Isle. If you're looking for other things to do that day, add in some time spent in the town of Cape Carteret and drive a few more miles up the road to The Friendly City by the Sea, Swansboro. You'll find quaint restaurants and shops, waterfront views, and plenty more to see and do in this historic maritime town. It makes for a wonderful day trip.

We hope everyone enjoys and makes the most out of the remaining days of the summer season. It always goes by so fast. The good news is that the Crystal Coast is also a fabulous place to visit in the fall months, but that's a blog post for another day.

We look forward to seeing you soon! If you're still looking to book a Crystal Coast vacation, check out our vacation rental specials and discounts page. There's a really great Labor Day weekend deal being offered right now, so take advantage of it. Savor the summer!

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