Finding Real Treasure on the Crystal Coast

Our beautiful Emerald Isle and entire Crystal Coast area is full of rich history, stories, and even treasure! That’s right! Who needs buried pirate doubloons when you can find some real treasures at one of our awesome local antique stores?

Why Antiques?

Antiques can make such a great gift, addition to a collection, or classy accent to your home décor. But what makes antiques so special? Well, antiques are great because many times their rich history alone tells a unique story for every antique item. Finding out the stories connected to an old print, vintage chair, or beautiful knick knack can be a great way to find out the history of a time period or the area in which you found it. When you buy an antique, you suddenly become a part of its history. With a hundred or more years of stories already attached to each antique, it is neat to become a part of a legacy. Learning more about the antique that you buy can really take you on a journey through the past.

Antiques are undeniably classy and never go out of style. They add a certain air of energy, timelessness, and charm to any room. Antiques, by virtue of them lasting as long as they have, are generally very well made and will last you many more years of enjoyment. What makes antiques so great in comparison to mass produced items, is that they hold their value and can actually increase in value over time, so you are literally investing in a treasure when you purchase an antique. Providing a tangible link to the past, a better question to ask in regards to antiques instead of "why?" is rather, "why not?”

Learn the Lingo

When buying antiques, it is important to understand some of the terms and lingo so that you can guarantee that you are buying not only authentic antiques, but good quality antiques as well. Antiques (by law) have to be at least 100 years old. In contrast, vintage item ages vary, but are usually around 20-50 years old, and collectibles can be any age. This is important to know so that you can gauge approximately how old your items are, and if the prices agree with the age of the item. Finding out how rare an item is can also determine its value.

Rarity is determined by criteria such as: how many were made, if little remain today, if the make or size was unusual for the artist or company to produce, or if its ability to be reproduced was difficult. Terms such as mint, excellent, and good are used to describe the condition of an antique. Mint means perfect condition, excellent implies that there are minor flaws, and good shows that it has seen some battles, but can probably be fixed. Keep an eye out for flaws, chips, dents, scratches, cuts, frays, or anything that could reduce the value of the antique. You may be able to haggle the price to get a better deal. 

Do Your Research

Antiques are so much fun to find, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if you are really getting that 100-year-old figurine, or if it’s just a knock off that was made yesterday. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask the shopkeeper about authentication, pricing, the history of the product, etc. Asking questions will allow you to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck and the most authentic piece you can get.

Three categories that are important in determining authenticity are: time period, artist/company, and the material. Determining the time period in which it was made can help authenticate the antique. Looking for an artist signature or company logo on the piece can help determine the value of an antique. Inspecting the materials is important to make sure that the piece is the real deal. For example: if it is only a plastic statue covered with gold leaf…it’s most likely not genuine. Show your knowledge, and you will be guaranteed to find the best deals for the best products. 

Antiques on the Crystal Coast

There are many wonderful antique shops around the Crystal Coast, and what better souvenir to take home from your Emerald Isle vacation than a beautiful antique? You can find so many great treasures at the antique shops here on the Crystal Coast.

I myself was recently just given a beautiful copy of Alice in Wonderland from Seaports Antiques as a gift. (And can I just say: Best. Gift. Ever.) I've also had the privilege of shopping at other antique stores in the area that house priceless items such as china, books, furniture, pottery, prints, jewelry, and much, much more!

You can find a gift or souvenir for anyone on your list (or just for yourself!) when you shop for antiques. There are so many great antiques to be found here on the Crystal Coast, so don’t miss out on these priceless treasures and check out our list of awesome antique shops below! 

Shephardsville Antiques (Newport)

For more info about how to shop for antiques, check out these websites!


 Share with us: Have you ever bought a great antique? What kinds of antiques are you in the market for? 

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