Fall Flavors: Creamy Grits with Roasted Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese

When the weather starts cooling off and the tips of the leaves start changing colors, you know fall is on the way. Now, there are a lot of great things about fall especially on the coast: the fall colors of red, orange, gold, and yellow, there’s the cooler weather, the fun fall events, and more. However, something about fall that really never fails to get me the most excited is the food! 

Fall is all about bringing in the harvest, hearty, warm meals, and enjoying it all together as a family. Here in the south, we start looking for our favorite fall flavors to start incorporating into our meals, so while you are enjoying your Crystal Coast Vacation, you may want to try your hand at this delicious recipe: Creamy Grits with Roasted Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese.

Grits are a delicious ground corn staple in the southern diet, but now that it is fall, we’re starting to alter our recipes to bring in a new spin on this southern favorite. Squash is prevalent this time of the year as farmers bring in the harvest and you can find all types of yummy squash from local farmer’s markets like Garner Farms. Incorporating this yummy fall ingredient into the classic grits recipe can really take this dish to the next level. Then, all you have to do is add cheese, pepper, olive oil, and some spices and it becomes literally the best bowl of grits you’ve ever had! 

Check out our recipe to the right so that you can follow along and make this great dish for you and your family while visiting Emerald Isle this fall! grits-and-butternut-squash-recipe

A quick tip to remember when making grits is that you must, I repeat, absolutely MUST whisk constantly when making grits. Whisking the grits while you slowly add them to the boiling water is essential so that you don’t have chunky, uncooked grits. Be patient. You can't overcook grits because they will simply become creamier with time, but under-cooking them will ruin your dish. Just make sure that you keep them on a low heat after it comes to a boil so that they don’t burn, and patiently whisk until they are done. Using a 5:1 ratio of grits to water will help make sure that your grits are perfectly creamy. If you are adding milk, however (like in this recipe) cut the water down a little and add the milk after you bring the temperature down from a boil. Also, when choosing your favorite type of grits to make this recipe, look specifically for the stone-cut grits because they will give a richer texture and flavor. 

We hope that you enjoy adding one of our favorite fall flavors to this traditional southern dish. If you want to find out more tips for cooking grits you can check out this website and make sure you continue to tune into our blog with weekly updates on everything fall in Emerald Isle! 

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