Emerald Plantation (Video Tour)

Emerald Plantation SignGoing to be in the Emerald Isle, but don’t know what you’re going to do? Well, look no further! When I was young one of my FAVORITE places to visit in Emerald Isle was Emerald Plantation. Emerald Plantation is a fun shopping center that includes many interesting, unique, and sweet shops, restaurants, and a cinema! Stop by Grandma’s Toy Box: a candy, toy, ice cream, and more store with lot of fun surprises! Pick up a souvenir at Elly’s Gifts and make sure you grab a bite of delicious homemade fudge! If you’re hungry, there’s plenty of places to grab a meal: Hwy 55, Rucker John’s, or Michelangelo’s Pizza. Other awesome stores feature, books, toys, clothes, souvenirs, and more! Feed the turtles for only 25 cents, so they can get a yummy lunch too! Catch a movie before you go, then head on down to the Fishing Pier only a few minutes away to end the day with some perfect waves. It’s a great way to spend the day and create some lasting memories!

Check out our Emerald Isle Video tour below!

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