Cycling Along the Crystal Coast

Cycling Along the Coast: The Emerald Isle Bike Path
We are so excited that spring is FINALLY on its way. This can mean only one thing: it’s time to start packing your bags and planning your spring vacation to Emerald Isle now! There are so many great things you can do in Emerald Isle in the spring. Come rain or shine, you can’t go wrong in Emerald Isle. 

Spring for me always brings to mind images of kite flying, picnics in the park, and my favorite: bike riding! The wind in your face, the pleasure of being outside and being active—nothing beats it! We love to bike here in Emerald Isle too and what better way to enjoy it than to ride along the Emerald Isle Bike Path! 

The Path

Stretching through Emerald Isle at a distance of about 4.4 miles (with extensions planned for the future), the Emerald Isle Bike Path is a great way to get around the town. Snaking through the downtown district, and passing by key destinations around the Island including Emerald Plantation, Hwy 58 Bicycles, 4J's Cafe and Bake Shop, and Merchant's Park, this path this a great way to get to know Emerald Isle. The path is maintained by the Emerald Isle Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee which heads the Friends of the Path organization. They raise money to both maintain and extend the path and plans are constantly in place to continue its preservation: keeping it both safe and fun for families to enjoy!  

The bike path not only provides fun and easy access for riding your bike through Emerald Isle, but it allows for a safe place to bike, walk, run, or skate. Without the worry of traffic, or motor vehicles of any kind, families are safe to take even small children for an afternoon along the bike path. You can check out their website for more information, updates on extensions, and pictures! (Photo Credit:

Emerald Isle Bike Path

Hwy 58 Bicycles

Of course, in order to bike along the path, you’re going to need a bike! Well, instead of trying to bring your bike, there is a great option for the whole family right along the bike path itself—
Hwy 58 Bicycles
Hwy 58 Bicycles! Owned and managed by Ron Ryan and his son Wayne Ryan, Hwy 58 bicycles is your one stop shop for rentals, sales, and bicycle services. With over 25 years of experience in Emerald Isle and with the shop soon celebrating its 10 year anniversary this summer, Mr. Ryan knows how to run his business. 

I stopped by to speak with Mr. Ron Ryan recently to get a little insight into both the business and his views on the importance of the Emerald Isle Bike Path. This family oriented shop is a safe, fun place to rent or buy only the highest quality bikes and even if you just stop by for a soda on your way down the bike path, you’re always welcome. Mr. Ryan continually expressed his gratitude and his belief in how both Family Bicyclingfortune and hard work went into creating this thriving business. 

Supported not only by loyal local customers, but vacationers as well, he continues to adjust and grow the business to suit the needs of the clientele, but he never substitutes the fantastic quality. Only first class bikes are housed in this shop and are protected inside the facility to protect their pristine quality. Working with customers always to the best of their ability, Hwy 58 bicycles finds the perfect bike for you and makes all the necessary adjustments so that you can have the best ride. 

Located along the bike path, he expressed his appreciation for how well the town has maintained such a great way for both the young and old to enjoy getting around Emerald Isle in a safe, fun way. Mr. Ryan’s over 3000 ft² store front is home to hundreds of bikes ranging from Jamis Earth-Cruisers, Hybrids, Sport Comfort, Road, and Children’s bicycles. You can also count on them for bicycles with jog strollers, child seats and trailers, tag-a-longs and 3-wheel trikes. Be sure to check out their website for seasonal times, contact information, pricing, and more! This is definitely THE place to start your biking adventure while on vacation here in Emerald Isle!

Emerald Isle is unique in its maintenance and care for this beautiful bike path and we hope that you will utilize this great outdoor activity while you are here on your vacation this spring. Thank you to Hwy 58 Bicycles and Mr. Ryan for taking the time to share with us more about his great business! 

Share with us: What's your favorite way to enjoy the bike path? Running, walking, skating, or biking? We want to hear from you! 

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