Brilliant Hacks for the Best Beach Day Ever

Brilliant Hacks for the Best Beach Day Ever 

A day at the beach should be just as it sounds—easy, carefree and the best it can be. Forget the hassle and stress of too much packing and planning, instead just stick to the beach essentials! Bring the minimum of what you'll actually need and use for a day at the beach and you're well on your way to a day filled with fun in the sun, sand and surf.

With that being said, we wanted to offer up some pretty amazing and totally simple ways to optimize your beach day. Check out these brilliant beach hacks and remember them next time you're spending the day on the sand. You'll be oh so glad you did.


Quick Fix for Your Flip Flops

Quick Fix for Your Flip Flops

It's happened to the best of us. Your favorite flip flop decides to break just when you need it the most. It's the worst! You most likely don't have another pair right there with you in your beach bag, so here's a quick fix until you get back to your beach vacation rental. Keep a plastic bread tag or two with you—you know the ones that are small and rectangular with the little hole that you use to keep your bread bag closed—yes, that's what we're talking about. Well, it works pretty well as a temporary fix for a detached flip flop. Just push the part that's come loose back through its original hole in the sole of the shoe and put the bread tag on to keep it in place until you get home. Voilà! 


Reuse Your Plastic Bags 

Reuse Your Plastic Bags

Yes they're bad for the environment but they're pretty useful for a day at the beach and the perfect opportunity to reuse them with a purpose. A simple ziplock bag can be used as an efficient way to keep the sand and sea off of your beloved phone and other electronic devices. You can still use your phone's touch screen right through the bag while keeping it dry and clean. Saltwater is good for a lot of things, but not your phone! And you really don't want the sand in the nooks and crannies either. Larger sized plastic bags are good to keep with you, too. Use one for a trash bag to keep it contained and then easily disposed of, bring one with you when you stroll for shells, use one to contain wet swimsuits at the end of your beach day, and have one on hand to put sandy items in when it's time to pack up. You'll probably find at least 10 more uses for them throughout the day, so keep a few with you just in case. Just remember that they're harmful to the local sea turtles and other marine life, so make sure you don't let them escape you by getting caught up in a coastal breeze or leave them as litter on the beach or in the water. 


Bring a Yoga Mat 

Bring a Yoga Mat, Even If You Don't Do Yoga

Yoga mats are a nice alternative to a beach towel if you prefer a waterproof, more cushioned and comfortable beach experience. You may still want a towel to lay over the top of the yoga mat, but you'll find a yoga mat is easy to de-sand, roll up and bring with you to and from the beach. Choose a thicker one if you prefer a little extra support and comfort. Try it!


Green Tea is Good for You 

Green Tea Is Good for You Inside and Out

We've all heard the benefits of drinking green tea: filled with anti-oxidants, increases metabolism and contains polyphenols to help lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. It's a wonderful option if you need a sip of something cool, refreshing, healthy and delicious during your day at the beach. But did you know that it can do double duty as a skin refresher? It can! Steep some green tea in some water, remove the tea bags and add a few ice cubes to keep it extra cold. Pour some in your drink bottle and the rest in your spritz bottle! The antioxidants are good for your skin and the cool, refreshing mist is an instant pick-me-up during a long, hot day on the sand. Your skin will thank you! Did you know that dampened green tea leaves are also an effective bug repellant? 


Sponge Leis 

Sponge Leis to Keep the Kids Cool

You know those cheap, brightly colored sponges that you can get at the Dollar Store or just about anywhere? They're perfect for creating a brightly colored sponge lei for the kids. Cut them into smaller pieces and thread them together as a necklace for the kids to wear on the beach. Not only are they festive and fun, they can also be wetted anytime the kids need a quick cool down and to get some much needed heat relief throughout the day. Kid-approved!


Sunscreen in the Cooler 

Put Your Sunscreen in the Cooler

You may not even think about this, but chilling your sunscreen encourages you to reapply your SPF more often for both the cooling and the protective relief from the sun's hot rays. You should initially apply your sunscreen before you even get to the beach, but keeping it chilled and ready to go in your cooler is an added incentive to reapply, and to do it often. Cold sunscreen feels great on a hot day—and more importantly, you'll be protected and refreshed.


Bring Baby Wipes 

Bring Baby Wipes Even If You Don't Have a Baby

Ah, baby wipes. They're in the category of useful must-haves for every occasion right along with WD-40 and duct tape. Baby wipes are useful for so many things during your beach day. From minor clean ups and spills, to instant cooling, to insect sting relief and more. You definitely want to keep a small supply with you. They're also a quick and easy facial wipe after a sandy day in the sun to give you a clean, fresh face. They're kid-friendly and family-approved, but perfectly useful for the solo beach goer as well. 


Bring Balloons 

Bring Balloons

Balloons are another common, kid-friendly item that can be useful during a day at the beach. Keep some deflated balloons in your beach bag in the event that someone gets water in their ears. By having that person gently blow air into a balloon, you can quickly and easily remove the uncomfortable feeling of pressure in their ears. Consider using frozen water balloons as an alternative to ice cubes or ice packs in your beach cooler. When your beach day is coming to an end, you can finish it off with a water balloon toss for a fun, family finale to the day. Just please remember to pick up any balloon pieces and remnants from the beach. 


Well, these are some of our favorite beach hacks for a simply successful day a the beach. What are yours?

Help us add to our beach hack list by sharing your favorite beach tip or trick for the best beach day ever. Our comment section is always open and we love hearing from you!
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