10 Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home for Sale

10 Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home for Sale

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selling your home. According to the National Association of Realtors, 63% of interested homebuyers will drop by (or at least drive by) in-person after viewing a home they like online. Is your home ready for that? It should be. That's why curb appeal matters so much. Your home's exterior—including the front entry, yard, driveway and sidewalk— should serve as a snapshot of what's to come when potential buyers walk in to see your home for themselves. Make that mental snapshot the best it can be. Here are 10 ways to boost the curb appeal of your home for sale. 

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1. Curb appeal begins online.

Since 88% of homebuyers begin the home search process online, that's the first place you'll want to highlight the curb appeal of your home. The photos that you showcase there should draw buyers to your doorstep, so it's important to take quality photos of the exterior of your home, or hire someone to do it for you. Choose a time of day when your home looks its best. Overcast days are often good for photos because you don't want too much harsh sunlight. Morning and evening are also great times for photographing your home. 

2. View your home through buyers' eyes.

Walk up to your home and view it as a potential buyer would. What is the first thing you notice? What needs attention or repair? Is there too much clutter? It's also a good idea to hop in your car and do a drive by of your home to view it from this perspective. Many buyers will do this with homes they are interested in. This gives you a vantage point from afar and helps you notice things about the exterior of your home that you might not otherwise. It's also helpful to ask a family member or friend to do the same and get their first impressions, suggestions, and input. 

3. Look up (at your roof and gutters).

Sometimes home sellers overlook the upper parts of their home from the outside, but homebuyers will definitely notice the condition of your roof, shingles, and gutters. Be sure to clean out gutters that may have debris accumulated in them and give your roof a good once-over. You want that part of your home to look its best. A good thorough cleaning, replacing missing shingles, or an entire roof replacement may not be out of the question. 

4. Address your address.

If you have a weathered-looking mailbox, peeling house numbers, or anything else that looks like it needs some immediate attention, you can be sure that those little things make a big difference—and will be noticed by others! Take a few minutes to clean those things up and replace house numbers if need be for a more shiny, happy appearance.

5. Put on the pressure.

Pressure washing your home, deck, front porch, sidewalk, driveway, and/or parking pad makes a huge difference in the appearance of your home. It's also a very cost-efficient way to level up your home's exterior appearance. Don't have a pressure washer? You can rent one for the day from your local home improvement store, usually for under $100.

Solar lights along walkway of home for curb appeal | Sun-Surf Emerald Isle Real Estate
Bright flowers in front yard of home for curb appeal | | Sun-Surf Emerald Isle Real Estate
Flowers in planters along wall of home for curb appeal | Sun-Surf Emerald Isle Real Estate

6. Plant a little color.

There are almost always annual plants in season no matter what time of year you're selling your home in that are available to use in planters, window boxes, pots, and in the front yard beds of your home. Dark mulch with a few brightly colored plants and flowers is a really nice way to brighten up the exterior of your house. Don't use artificial plants or flowers, they're just not a good look. 

7. Open up and let in the light.

You'll want to pay attention to your window treatments, indoors and out. When showcasing your home's curb appeal, the windows matter. Open up shutters, draw back the curtains, and lift up the shades. Even from the outside, these things are noticeable. You want a clean, consistent look to the exterior of your home. Step out your door and focus on the windows. What do you see? Do they need a quick cleaning? How do they look from a street view? Is there too much clutter inside? Address these things.

8. Light up your landscape.

Solar lights that line your paths and walkways, highlight the beauty of your flower bed,  and bring light to your custom fixtures are very nice touches to add to your landscape. Think of them as easy accents that spotlight the best parts of your home. Place them where they best work for your front yard. They're easy to install and don't cost much money, but the effects are worth their weight in gold. 

9. Examine your entryway.

You want a welcoming, polished look to the entry of your home. From the walkway to the porch to the front door, you want to inspect those places carefully for any flaws. Brightening that area up with a fresh coat of paint, a new welcome mat, some vibrant colored flowers, and a few decorative throw pillows on the outdoor furniture are easy ways to draw good attention to your home's entryway. 

10. Declutter the driveway.

Last but certainly not least, don't forget to declutter your driveway. If you have your kids bikes and toys sitting around, or your car is sitting outside the garage, then it could be a sign of too much stuff and not enough storage inside your home—and it will be a turn-off to potential buyers. A car parked outside the garage can imply that there's not enough room in the house to store everything. It's a little detail that can have big implications in the sale of your home.


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10 Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home for Sale

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