Beach Vacation Bucket List Part 2: Adventuring

Last week we got you started on your own Beach Vacation Bucket List with the importance of relaxation. Relaxing and catching a break during your vacation is essential for your physical and mental health, but we have part two of our Bucket List for you today and it happens to be the exact opposite! 

That’s right! Number two on our Beach Vacation Bucket List is to have an adventure! Luckily, Emerald Isle is a great place to have your own high adventure! 

Beach Vacation Bucket List #2: Adventuring

When you are on the amazing shores of Emerald Isle, there are literally adventures on the peak of every wave and every turn of the corner. Getting the family together to have an adventure is the perfect way to create memories of your vacation that will last a lifetime! 

So, what kinds of adventures can you have? Well, have you ever tried surfing? There are some prime surfing spots along the Emerald Isle coast and you don’t even need to worry about how to pack all the gear in your car because we have you covered. Hot Wax Surf Shop can provide you with all your surfing needs from surfboards (for sale and rent) to apparel and even surfing camps to get you started! They also have some fun equipment such as skim boards and body boards if you want to try to something different. Hot Wax Surf Shop also does repairs for your boards and after 28 years of business, they know their stuff! 

You can also try kiteboarding or stand up paddlesurfing while vacationing in Emerald Isle. At Carolina Kitesurfing, you can buy or rent paddleboards and kitesurfing equipment for a whole new perspective of the coast! They also provide lessons for beginners and tours of the Bogue Banks. Paddlesurfing and kitesurfing are great ways to enjoy the waves, or cruise along the water—it’s all up to you! Go at your own pace and have fun! 

There are plenty of other adventures that you can have in the great outdoors while on vacation in Emerald Isle from kayaking to hiking to camping to fishing! There are so many fun things to do and new things to try, but if you are having a hard time deciding, we can help  you out there too: you could just try them all, or you can take our quiz to see what kind of adventure would be best for you!

Health Benefits

Not only are these outdoor adventures in Emerald Isle super fun, but there are also lots of health benefits to them! Doing adventure sports is a great way to stay active and healthy. 

Exercising can help relieve stress and can actually release dopamine—the chemical that makes you feel happy. Research has also found that people that stay active even through vacations have better heart health! The less you stress, the better your blood pressure will be which can help protect your heart. Adventure sports and activities will also help keep your muscles working and strong. 

These fun adventures are also great for your mental health, keeping you happy, and also increasing your confidence. Just imagine how confident and how proud you will feel when you finally master that board and peak over the waves! Building confidence and relieving stress while on your vacation will stay with you after your vacation, as well adding to your personal and career life. Bonus! 

You can read more about the health benefits of adventure sports on this website. You can also find out more about how an active lifestyle can benefit your life on this website

Share with us: What kinds of adventures are you adding to your bucket list?


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