The Most Amazing Facts About Emerald Isle, NC

The Most Amazing Facts About Emerald Isle, NC | Sun-Surf Realty

How much do you know about Emerald Isle, North Carolina? Let's find out! We're talking about some fun facts about the town and beaches that you can share with your family and friends during your next NC beach vacation. Have a family trivia night in your Emerald Isle rental or just share the love by sharing this post. How many of these interesting things did you already know? 

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1. How the Emerald Isle Got Its Name

So what's the history behind the name? Why "Emerald Isle"? You may have heard many theories about the origins of the name. Discovered by the Irish? The waters look more green than blue? Phosphorous deposits in the water that give off a green glow? No, no and no. Emerald Isle got its name when the original developers were contemplating the purchase of this undeveloped half of the island. A consultant from Florida was hired to advise them and he asked to be flown over the property to gain a perspective on how development might occur. With no development at the time, the land appeared as a solid green gem in the middle of a sea of sparkling water from this bird's eye view. He looked down and said, "This place shall be known as Emerald Isle." You can read more about the Town of Emerald Isle's history here.

2. Small Town, Big Beach Access

You definitely get a small-town vibe as soon as you step foot into Emerald Isle. The people are friendly, the sense of community spirit is strong, and you'll appreciate the Southern hospitality everywhere you go. The town motto is "Nice Matters" and that rings true from the people you meet to the places you'll go. For a relatively small beach town, there is a lot of access to the beach. In fact, there are more than 75 public beach accesses and 25 boat accesses—plus more than 350 public parking spaces. Emerald Isle also boasts the largest public boating access on the NC coast! The Town of Emerald Isle takes great pride in its family beach image and small town atmosphere. Read 10 Things You Should Know About Emerald Isle here.

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3. Emerald Isle Named Best Beach in North Carolina

Did you know that Emerald Isle was recently voted as the best North Carolina beach by USA Today's Readers' Choice Awards? It was! Noted for its relatively undeveloped 12 miles of pristine shoreline, beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and Bogue Sound, coupled with the simple pleasures of the beach and pier—Emerald Isle took the number one spot. Emerald Isle is known as a quintessential beach vacation destination where the focus is on the beach and all the activities that center around it. No need for all that commercialization when there's plenty of natural beauty and beach-centric things to do and for you and your family to enjoy. You can read more about USA Today's Top 10 NC Beach Award Winners here

4. Town Hall Trivia

How much Emerald Isle Town Hall trivia do you know? There's an easy way to find out! Stop by and see what you can learn for yourself. What kind of clock is on top of the Town Hall building? What aquatic reptile can you find on its exterior? How many rocking chairs are there? What's featured in the foyer that relates to a book that was published? What's the name of the model boat? You can find out all the answers right here. Then come take a field trip to Emerald Isle's Town Hall to see them all for yourself and learn more about the local area.

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5. So Many Emerald Isle Rentals

Finding the perfect Emerald Isle vacation rental is easier than you think. Sun-Surf Realty has over two-hundred vacation rentals to choose from with the rental style, size, location and amenities you and your family are looking for—find the right rental that fits your wants and needs today. It's never too early or too late to start planning your next NC beach vacation. Start by taking a look at our Emerald Isle rentals and then saving your favorites. The hardest part is choosing the one you love the most. Let us know if we can help! We'd be happy to help you find your place in the sand, whether it's for a week or two, a month or a season, or for a lifetime. 

6. All About Emerald Isle Real Estate

Did you know that the population of Emerald Isle is comprised of about 4,000 residents and swells to over 40,000 in the summer months? It does. It's also home to the most housing units than any other Carteret County municipality. Emerald Isle is nearly 90% built-out, but still has nearly 900 vacant lots—plus redevelopment opportunities—enough to sustain historical levels of new residential construction for the next 20+ years. More than 80% of the Town's land area is zoned for single-family residential development, which makes finding your beach home in Emerald Isle, NC a breeze. Check out our current real estate listings and see what's on the market right now. Make your dream of owning an Emerald Isle beach house a happy reality this year. Sun-Surf Realty's experienced and knowledgable agents are here to help you every step of the way. Contact one of our agents today!

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The Most Amazing Facts About Emerald Isle, NC | Sun-Surf Realty

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