All You Need to Know About Labor Day and the Best of the NC Coast

Can you believe that Labor Day is right around the corner? It's time to wistfully celebrate the symbolic end of summer for another year. Sigh. Don't be too sad, though. You can always come to the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina and have an Emerald Isle beach vacation where the summer spirit and beach vibe are always right here waiting for you.

We've talked a lot in previous blog posts about why residents, visitors, and vacationers alike love spending Labor Day here on the Carolina coastline. We've rounded up all of the those posts for you all in one place for your reading pleasure. We've also included a blog roundup of the best of the North Carolina coast featuring all of the things you can do and the amazing adventures you can have here on Labor Day or any day. 

Labor Day on the Crystal Coast

Here's a blog roundup of our best posts about spending the Labor Day holiday on Emerald Isle beach and on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. 

From the sun, the sand and the sea to history, outdoor adventure, fishing and coastal adventures galore—there is truly something for everyone to do and to love on the Crystal Coast. Here are our Labor Day spotlights that feature what to do in Emerald Isle and beyond and how to savor the best of the summer, along with reasons why you need more EI in your life.

Best of the NC Coast

Here's a blog roundup of some of our past Crystal Coast blogs that feature the best of the North Carolina coast and all the most popular activities and things to do while you're here. 

Although it's totally tempting to never step outside the bounds of Emerald Isle, its beaches and your NC vacation rental, there are so many incredible coastal adventures that await you on the greater Crystal Coast region of North Carolina. If you're looking for something new and different to do or maybe in search of some fun and family-friendly day trips, check out these local adventures that are all well within your reach. 

What's on your Labor Day holiday list?

Let us know if we'll be seeing you on our beaches and around our NC coastal towns. Happy Labor Day!

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