5 Things We Love About Emerald Isle

With the ushering in of February and Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought this would be the perfect time to take a few moments to pause and reflect on some of the things we love most about Emerald Isle. Yes, it's hard to narrow the list down to only five, but that's what we did. As you read along, be thinking of what you would add to the list.

1. The Beach


Emerald Isle Love This is an obvious one, but we really love everything about the beach in Emerald Isle. Pristine sands, sparkling Atlantic waters, rejuvenating salt air, and panoramic coastal beauty as far as the eye can see are coupled with uncrowded beach and unspoiled natural beauty—what's not to love?




Emerald Isle is a wonderful place to have a shelling adventure, search out sharks' teeth, stroll up and down the shoreline, and enjoy brilliant coastal sunrises and sunsets. Or you can just find your spot in the sand, lay out your towel, then sit back and soak up the sun, sand and surf.

In fact, Emerald Isle was named one of the best beaches in North Carolina by the Travel Channel so the secret is out! Emerald Isle is called the Gem of the Crystal Coast for a reason. Come and see for yourself.






2. The People



 One of the inherent charms of Emerald Isle is the friendliness of the locals, the warm welcome you'll receive, and the Southern hospitality you'll experience during your stay. Life is a bit more laid back here, the beach vibe surrounds you, and everyone is happy to be here. Whether vacationer or a resident, you'll find that the people who live and visit here know what a treasure Emerald Isle is. The town motto is "Nice Matters" and you'll see that thought put into action each and every day.





Speaking of living here, it's also worth noting is that Emerald Isle was named one of the best islands to live on by Islands magazine. We can vouch for that!



3. The Activities



From local festivals and events to history, culture, on-the-water adventures, fishing and more, you can never run out of things to do in Emerald Isle. Emerald Isle is the ideal family vacation destination with plenty of kid-friendly beach adventures to be had without the crowds and commercialization of other popular beach areas.




You can visit the Town of Emerald Isle's event calendar to see what's happening during your stay or you can check out the surrounding Crystal Coast event listings for more fun-filled festivals, local happenings and events all year long. Also follow Sun-Surf Realty's blog for highlights of the best of what's happening in and around Emerald Isle.





4. The Atmosphere



 As you can already tell, the ambiance here in Emerald Isle is uniquely its own. It's what draws people back to our beaches and town year after year. Once you get a taste of the local flavor, you'll start to crave it. Life truly is a beach here and you'll find that the relaxation, rejuvenation and refreshment you find from some time spent on our shoreline is addictive. Consider that fair warning!

 Emerald Isle is safe, family-friendly, pet-friendly, couple-friendly and offers something for everyone.






5. The Experience

 Beach love

The quintessential beach experience is hard to put into words but easily defined by the experience. Once you have it; you know what it is. It's evidenced by the way of life, the  surroundings, the attitudes, and the essence of the area. It's also a combination of all the above numbered items making the whole beach experience greater than the sum of its parts.




An Emerald Isle beach vacation is the quintessential beach experience and we're happy to share it with you. What are you waiting for?



Has Emerald Isle been on your beach vacation bucket list? It's high time you checked that baby off and come and see what we're all about. Start planning your Emerald Isle beach vacation now and begin counting the days to paradise.

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