5 Fun, Fast, and Easy Seashell Crafts for the Whole Family!

Seashells are the perfect take-away from any beach vacation. They’re unique, beautiful, and really fun to find. Spending a day shelling along the beautiful beaches of Emerald Isle is the perfect way to spend your holiday vacation. The surf laps peacefully on the shore, the sun shines down and warms your face, and the kids run to find the pretty new shell that is just ahead. After a fun morning on the beach collecting shells and enjoying the calm, you start the walk back to the car. 

Then reality hits. What in the world are you going to do with the million shells that your kids just found??? Shelling can be addictive and with so many different kinds, it’s hard to not pick up just one more…or maybe two….or maybe…and before you know it, the bucket is full and you realize you don’t have any more room to display them all lined up along the shelf. Never fear! We have five great ideas to turn those shells into fun decorations and keepsakes that you can enjoy. And the best part is: you can still go shelling again and again without any more stress!

1.The Shell Jar

This is a really easy, classic way to display your shells without taking up a lot of room. All you have
to do is carefully place the shells inside a jar! Easy, right? You can add some glamour by putting them in a fancy vase and adding a ribbon, or keep it simple by placing them in a mason jar. It’s totally customizable and completely up to your taste! 


Another super simple way to show off your finds is to make them into a necklace! Finding a scallop shell with a hole in the top is pretty common. String a chain or some twine through the hole, and you have the perfect seashell charm! String just one and keep it as an accent, or add all your favorites to make a truly unique necklace. 

3.Picture Perfect Shells 

A great way to display not only the shells you found, but also the memories you made while finding them, is by creating a shell picture frame. You can purchase a simple wood frame at any craft store (or even just the dollar store) and using the shells you’ve collected, you can make a unique frame for any beach picture! Simply hot glue or super glue your favorite shells around the frame in any pattern or design. This a great craft that will remind you of your favorite place to vacation!

4.Shell Ornaments

Similar to the necklace, you can also make your Christmas tree a 
Crystal Coast treasure by making your seashells into ornaments! By stringing twine through a shell that already has a hole in it, you can make a simple ornament for your tree. You can also simply glue twine or a string to the back of the shell to make an easy hanging ornament. Make it personal by adding the date you found it, or glue a small picture of the family to the inside of a scallop shell. This is sure to be an ornament that will bring back only the best memories of your beach vacation home. There are lots of crafts that you can do to make your favorite shells a festive addition to your holiday.

5.Christmas Wreath

Combine the ease of the picture frame, and the holiday spirit of the ornaments, and you’ve got an awesome seashell Christmas wreath! You can buy a cheap wreath base to start. (It’s basically just a Styrofoam ring.) You can cover the base with a nautical rope or twine, and then just glue the shells onto the form. Adding shells of different sizes and colors can add a lot of flare! This will always serve as a great reminder for you and your family of your vacation at the beach. And just think how envious your neighbors will be of your homemade beach décor! 

These are just a few of our favorite seashell projects. They’re fast, easy, and super fun for the whole family to do! But, it doesn’t end here! Check out our Pinterest page for lots more beach décor ideas! These great seashell crafts will get you going back to the beach for some more shelling every time. There are just so many fun things to try with some awesome Emerald Isle seashells. 

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