5 Fantastic Ways a Vacation Rental Saves You Money

5 Fantastic Ways a Vacation Rental Saves You Money 

Do you know all the ways a vacation rental can save you money? You should! We're only highlighting five of the biggest budget-friendly reasons today, but the list is much longer than that. Not to mention that you get to choose the location, size and style of your rental—plus all of the amenities that matter most to you and your family. Customization and personalization are huge perks that you get to enjoy when you choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel or motel stay. Ready to learn more? Here are five of the most fantastic ways your Emerald Isle rental can save you the most money.


More Space 

1. More space for the money.


Vacation rentals have been trending in travel over the past few years, even decades, both with families and even independent travelers. Why? It's simple. You get more for less. More indoor space, more outdoor space, more bedrooms, more bathrooms, more of the amenities that matter to you—and just more livability. Vacation rentals offer the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you and your family need, both for comfort and convenience. For the price of a hotel or motel stay (and sometimes less than the cost of a hotel or motel in the same area), you are getting so much more value for your vacation dollar with a vacation rental. There's no need to worry about the logistics of a family vacation when you can choose the accommodation, location, size and style that suits you and your family best. No one knows better what you need and want most on a vacation than you. Don't settle for less!

Kitchen Included 

2. Kitchen included.


Having access to a kitchen while on vacation is a game changer, especially with families. Not only is it a convenience to have your own kitchen, it's also a big money saver. Choosing to stay in and prepare a few of your own meals adds up to huge savings in your vacation budget. Hotels and motels may be able to offer you a kitchenette—for an added fee of course— but you will never come close to what a standard vacation rental kitchen gives with all its appliances and extras. There's just no real comparison. Not to mention the ability to enjoy your favorite coffee in the morning without ever getting out of your pajamas. Or keeping your favorite champagne chilled in the refrigerator for the perfect romantic moment that's waiting to be shared. Then there's the ability to enjoy a meal in the comfort and privacy of your rental whenever you need or want. Comfort and convenience certainly rank high in value on your vacation. Wouldn't you agree?


3. Increased privacy.


There's no concern about who's staying above you or below you, or who's lingering outside the hallway in the evenings. Your vacation rental gives you extra privacy that you won't find at a hotel or motel. You aren't sharing space or common areas with strangers. You have your own deck and balcony, your own entryways, and your own hedge of privacy that puts you at ease knowing your kids and family are safe and secure at your rental. With the extra bedrooms you get with a vacation rental, every one of your guests will have the privacy they need and much more personal space, which ensures a much more relaxing and stress-free vacation. You can't put a price tag on privacy, but you know it's worth its weight in gold when it comes to have a successful family vacation.

Laundry Facilities 

4. Laundry facilities.


This one is another game changer on your vacation. In fact, it impacts your vacation before you even leave for your trip. Access to laundry facilities right in your rental means that you can pack less, which saves you time, energy and stress when preparing for your vacation. You can maintain a more minimalistic mindset when packing your suitcase (and your family's) and feel at ease knowing that you can wash clothes anytime you need or want to. When traveling with kids, there's a big sigh of relief knowing that the laundry facilities are right there for you to use without waiting for an available machine or scavenging for quarters to do a quick load. It is definitely a comfort of home that you shouldn't have to sacrifice while on vacation.


Free Parking 

5. Free parking.


Parking does not always come free with your hotel or motel stay. Why pay extra fees for parking or have to troll for parking spots when you can have one of your very own each and every time you come back to your accommodation? It's not worth the hassle. With a beach vacation, you also may encounter parking fees at beach accesses or have to search for metered street parking every time you and your family head to the beach. Forget about all of that when you choose an oceanfront vacation rental! The beach is right outside your doorstep and your car never has to leave its parking spot. No lugging all of your kids' beach toys and beach bags for blocks. It's all beach access, all the time. Is there really any other better way to stay? No!


Are you excited to try a beach vacation rental on your next vacation? Do you want to save money while vacationing on the gorgeous Crystal Coast of North Carolina? Then take the next step by looking at these beautiful Emerald Isle oceanfront rentals and pick the best one for you and your family. Let us know if we can help answer any questions for you.


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