3 Ways to 'Coastify' Your Christmas

Break out the burlap, the seashells, beachy colors, and all of your holiday spirit! It’s time to "coastify” your Christmas!

The perfect marriage of light-hearted, relaxing beach décor and traditional Christmas decorations is sure to be yours as you check out our top 3 ways to coastify your Christmas with some easy and fun do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Who says Christmas has to be all mistletoe and snow? We on the coast know that the best Christmases are warm, beachy, and full of fun!

1.Color palletcoastal-colors-home

Start coastifying your Christmas by choosing your color pallet. Starting with a base of light blues, teals, whites, and beachy neutrals (like tan or taupe) can really set the mood for the rest of your decorations. Emulating the ocean waves and warm sand, these colors are sure to shout "Coastal Christmas” for anyone walking into your beachy winter wonderland.

Some of the easiest ways to incorporate these colors is by using them on the presents wrapped under your tree. Seafoam green paper and burlap bows are the sure to get you in the holiday mood. Blue or white table cloths in your dining room with burlap accents is another great touch. White or iridescent chargers to set your plates on will add a fun, yet sophisticated touch to your table—reminiscent of mother of pearl.

Try to add accessories that incorporate these colors as well. Seashells are the perfect way to add these colors and tie back into your beach theme. If you need a little more inspiration for adding these colors to your Christmas décor, you can check out our Christmas Pinterest board for some more great ideas. 


Coastifying your Christmas wouldn’t be complete unless you added seashells! From ornaments to centerpieces, seashells are a must for any beachy holiday decorations.

Picking up your own seashells for these DIY projects is always the most fun. Going shelling is a fun family activity and makes for the perfect way to start off your DIY-ing as you can choose exactly the shells that you will need. You can learn more about shelling in Emerald Isle as well as print out a shelling scavenger hunt for the kids on our website.

Seashell ornaments are one of the most fun and basic ways to incorporate seashells in your Christmas decorating. By simply hot gluing twine or ribbon to your favorite seashells, you have ornaments that not only instantly transport you to the beach, but also tie in your coastal colors!

You can also take this project a step further by buying clear, ball ornaments. Popping off the top, you can fill the bottom with some sand straight from the beautiful beaches here in Emerald Isle then add a variety of small shells and sea glass. Then, for an extra "oomph,” you can use a sharpie to write your favorite beach quotes on your ornament and top it off with a burlap bow. All that’s left is to add it to your Christmas tree garnished with rope garland to tie in that nautical theme.

Other ways to incorporate seashells while coastifying your Christmas is by creating a seashell wreath, adding seashells to your table centerpiece, filling festive jars with seashells, or adding them as accents throughout your rental on burlap bows or on your Christmas stockings. (Photo credit: completely-coastal.com)

Clearly, there are plenty of ways to add seashells to your holiday decorating, and I’ve hardly scratched the surface! For more ideas on how to use seashells to coastify your Christmas, click on over to our Christmas Pinterest board for more!


My family’s Christmas isn’t complete until we have made our annual gingerbread house. Gingerbread houses and gingerbread men are a traditional (and delicious) Christmas treat, so why not coastify it?

Easily add gingerbread surfboards to go with your gingerbread men and women. While you're at it, use frosting to make bathing suits for your gingerbread people! Forget the buttons and bowties, these gingerbread people are ready for sun and surf!

Instead of a snowy base, use crushed graham crackers to make sand for your house to sit on. Use those coastal colors of blue, teal, yellow, and white for your icing to turn your gingerbread house into a beach house! Grab as much candy as you can from Grandma's Toy Box in Emerald Plantation and go crazy with the decorations!

If you are particularly ambitious, you can even make a gingerbread lighthouse! Let your imagination (and appetite) lead the way to making the best coastal gingerbread creations you can! This is such a fun family activity that can easily be one of best memories of your coastal Christmas. For more inspiration and to see the coastified gingerbread houses others have created, make sure you don’t forget our Christmas Pinterest board! (Photo credit: craftsy.com)

These are just three of the many ways that you can easily coastify your Christmas while here on the Crystal Coast for the holidays. These activities and decorations are not only a lot of fun to make and put up, but they also make great gifts for your friends looking to coastify their Christmases as well!

Cool blues, warm, beachy neutrals, seashells, and gingerbread beach houses are sure to make your Christmas a fun, relaxing, and… well, coastal Christmas!

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