3 of the Most Effective Beach Walking Workouts

3 of the Most Effective Beach Walking Workouts

A beach vacation offers the perfect opportunity to get outside and get your exercise in all at the same time. The views are spectacular as you breathe in the salt air and feel the sand beneath your feet and the sun on your skin.  Step out of your Emerald Isle rental and into the easiest exercise that just about everyone can do. You may be thinking: I walk around all the time, but is it really an effective workout that's going to help me get in shape and shed some weight? The answer is: Yes, yes it is. Research indicates that walking truly is a strong and healthy fitness strategy. Walking can even help prevent disease.

Check out this research on the proven benefits of walking:

  • A study in Journal of Applied Physiology found that walking quickly with hand and ankle weights was comparable to slow running. 
  • Research from the University of Virginia revealed that mixing short, fast walks with longer, more leisurely ones was an effective way for obese women to lose belly fat.
  • A study in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology showed that walking at a decent clip reduced participants’ risk of developing high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels as much as running.

(Source: Health.com, April 2017) 

Feeling inspired to get started? Great! Here are three of the most efficient and effective ways to get your walk on, according to the fitness experts. Make walking part of your every day while on vacation. Then continue the good habit you started when you go back home. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.


Walk a Minimum of 10,000 Steps Every DayWalking Workouts

Tracking your steps and reaching a goal of a minimum of 10,000 steps daily is what fitness experts currently recommend for beginners. You'll find that most fitness tracking devices have that number as a preset for that very reason. It's a good target for overall health and weight maintenance, but you don't want to stop there. Once you get comfortable with hitting that goal consistently, it's time to step it up—literally. It's then time to challenge yourself to 15,000 steps. Then 20,000. And then 25,000. You don't want to plateau, but instead you want to build on your strength and endurance over time to see optimum results. So if you're going to be at the beach, get out there and leave as many footprints as you can. 

Walk 30 Minutes, 5 Days a Week

According to the director of the University of Michigan’s Weight Management Clinic and Weight-Management Physician Amy Rothberg, MD, "Walking is one of the best tools for weight maintenance. It’s aerobic, it engages some of the biggest muscles, and it’s feasible for most people." She also notes that lower-intensity exercises like fast-paced walking can help burn some of the body’s stored fat. She recommends walking for at least 30 minutes, five days a week. Did you know that breaking your 30 minutes into 3 shorter but more faster walking segments gives better results than than a slower, steadier pace at the full 30 minutes? It's true. We all have time to squeeze in three fast-paced 10-minute walks per day, right? Right! Dr. Rothberg also says that walking in chunks can give you the little boosts of confidence to keep you motivated, too. A morning, afternoon and evening stroll on the beach sounds like the perfect way to break up your day and get your exercise in all at the same time. 

Add Jogging Intervals into Your WalkJogging


Adding running intervals into your walk is a quick, easy and efficient way to burn more calories. By the way, did you know that running can boost appetite-suppressing hormones? Go ahead and see if you notice that added benefit. Try jogging for only 5-10 seconds per minute for 10 minutes to get started. Then work your way up to that 30-minute daily benchmark. It's the perfect way to ease into running and avoid too much strain. Eventually you can build up to shorter walk breaks and longer jogging times such as walking for 30 seconds and jogging for 60 seconds. This also happens to be a great way to train for a 5K, if that happens to be on your life's bucket list or just a goal you've contemplated. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and walk your way to health. Are you looking for more beach workouts that are easy and effective? Read our previous post on Quick and Easy Workouts That Guarantee Results. You can do all of them right on the beach!

To get your beach walking workout in, you have to be on the beach and Emerald Isle is the idyllic setting. Start planning to be here and we'll see you on the sand!



Will you get out on the sand every day and get your walk in during your Emerald Isle beach vacation? We want to know!

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