3 of the Best Real Estate Resources Smart Home Buyers Know About

3 of the Best Real Estate Resources Smart Home Buyers Know About

Navigating the world of real estate can sometimes be an overwhelming task. It doesn't have to be! If you're a home buyer interested in making the wisest real estate decisions possible, then you'll want to follow the lead of the smart home buyers who have gone before you. It's a big investment—and one worth spending time on thoroughly researching and investigating before you commit. Here are three of the most valuable real estate resources you need to know about before buying the house of your dreams.


1. Reputable Online Real Estate Sites


In this day of technology and information at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, smart home buyers know where to go to do their initial research. Reputable online real estate sites offer up a wealth of knowledge, as long as you know where to look. This is not a comprehensive list by far, but here are some solid websites that wise home buyers may want to check out. Each has a unique insight and perspective, but all of them can give you information on the latest trending topics in real estate and answers to many of your questions in your quest to find the perfect house. 

Forbes.com: Forbes is a money-wise guru in the world of finance. Their real estate and investing section of their website focuses in on real estate hot topics and the latest news in the world of real estate trends along with their own professional expertise in the market.

Zillow.com: There are other comparable real estate sites, but we find Zillow is among the best of the best when it comes accurate, easy-to-access information on the current real estate market. In a few clicks, you can find out what's for sale in a particular area, view the real estate history of the home, search available and possible foreclosures, plus additional relative information on any homes you have an interest in pretty much anywhere in the country. Zillow can provide valuable data on median home values in your area of interest, coupled with many other valuable online tools to get you started in your home buying search. 

Hud.gov: This US Housing and Urban Development website is a great go-to for home buyers who are seeking the particulars of buying a home from economics to implementation. They offer helpful links to loan information, home-buying programs, frequently asked questions and so much more. Relevant links to online tools and more specific real estate information are included on their Buying a Home page.

MyHome.FreddieMac.com: My Home by Freddie Mac has the week's housing headlines, what-you-can-afford calculators, and current lending rates in the real estate market. The site also surveys lenders each week on the average rates, fees, and points for the most popular mortgage products so that saves you some time and effort when it comes to research.

HGTV.com: HGTV is not just for entertainment purposes. It's a valid resource in your home-buying venture with so many shows and topics on all things real estate and it's always good to learn from other people's experiences. We guarantee there's a show or possibly an entire series that falls in line with your particular interests or situation. From fixer uppers to dream homes and everything in between, there's a lot of information available to you. And then there are the articles, slideshows an other real estate features of the site. You could actually lose days just perusing all that's on the HGTV website. Fair warning!


Local Real Estate Company Websites and Blogs

2. Local Real Estate Company Websites & Blogs


Once you have a focus and more defined areas of interest, it just makes sense to put your focus into a more local perspective. Visiting the local real estate companies' websites in your area of interest gives you unique insight along with a professional resource to reference during the home-buying process. Many real estate companies have a dedicated blog section on their sites, which can offer up valuable information on the area you're researching, current local trends, and area-specific topics you may be interested in.

Don't forget that real estate companies often have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few, and that they are well worth following as they provide many of the latest updates and current information. 


3. Knowledgeable Real Estate Agents in Your Area of Interest


The next logical step after researching online, both in general and on a local level, is contacting a real estate professional in your area of interest. Professional, reputable real estate agents are a huge asset and priceless resource in your home-buying adventure. You need a personal contact with day-to-day experience in the place you are potentially going to call home. Real estate professionals can give you more in-depth answers to to your questions and site-specific details that you won't find anywhere else. Let them guide you along the way and help you navigate the finer points of home buying. You'll be glad you did!


We hope you've found these top three real estate resources worthy of your time and helpful when it comes to doing your homework (literally). If you're interested in coastal real estate or buying a home in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, we'd be glad to be your #1 resource on the Crystal Coast. Contact Sun-Surf Realty and we'll help you out in any way we can! 

What's your favorite go-to real estate resource? We want to know!


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