3 of the Best Coastal Treasures on the Beach in Emerald Isle

 3 of the Best Coastal Treasures on the Beach in Emerald Isle

Coastal treasures abound on the beaches of Emerald Isle. Everywhere you look there is beauty to behold. But what are the best treasures to be found on the beach? We've picked three of favorite finds to help you in your search.  

Head out on a solo venture and enjoy the peace and tranquility, or partner up with friends and family to seek out the best of the beach together. There's plenty to be said about some quality time spent immersed in nature.

Ready to start your search for beach treasures? Great! Here's what you can find. Happy hunting!


1. Seashells in Emerald Isle

Ah, shelling. The quintessential beach activity for young and old, where every day offers up new hidden (or not so hidden) treasures to be found. You don't need much more than a keen eye and something to keep your shells in as you set out on this beach treasure hunt. It's simplicity is all part of its inherent beauty. Not to mention the added benefits of feeling the sand beneath your feet, the salty sea breeze on your skin, and hearing the crashing of the waves all around you.

Shelling conditions are usually best near low tide and after storms have passed through. Moon phases influence shelling conditions too; stronger tide phases around the new moon or full moon can be advantageous to you. Emerald Isle has the added advantage of having less crowds than other busier East Coast beaches, so your chances to score some great seashells are increased. Sometimes you have to dig a bit or step into the incoming surf a few feet to find some of the best shells. It's a little bit of luck and lots of looking, but it's time well spent. 

What could be better than a shelling adventure in Emerald Isle? A shelling scavenger hunt, of course! We have one all ready for you and your family and it's totally kid-friendly. Amp up your shelling skills and set off to find some of our best local treasures. While you're at it, learn a little bit more about what kinds of shells you'll find on our Emerald Isle beaches. A little bit of learning plus a lot of fun equals an awesome shelling excursion for everyone. 

You can read more about our Emerald Isle Shelling Scavenger Hunt here. It includes more shelling tips and tricks as well as an identification guide to help you along. You can download and print out the Shelling Scavenger Hunt coloring sheet for each of your adventurers. Let the shelling begin!

Sea Glass

2. Sea Glass on the Beach

Sea glass is called by many names: sea gems, beach jewels, sea pearls and mermaid's tears. But what is sea glass, really? Good question!

Sea glass is created when saltwater meets a shard of glass. Wave action on a sandy shoreline tumbles, rounds and etches the shard of glass over time. Sunlight reacts to the elements in the glass and contributes to the etching and sometimes causes a change in coloration. The saltwater also leaches out certain substances from the glass which causes changes to the surface of the glass, further altering its appearance from its original state.  

These coastal treasures are fun to hunt for but can be a bit elusive at times. Brown and clear sea glass are most common while red, orange and blues are most rare. Century old clear glass containing manganese has been known to turn a beautiful light purple due to prolonged sun exposure. Anything with raised lettering on it is highly sought-after, so keep that sea glass in a special place.

As with shelling, the best time to hunt for sea glass is around low tide. Sunny days are better than cloudy ones because the glistening of the light off the glass can be quite helpful in your hunt. Near a fishing pier or an ocean storm drain are great places to search for sea glass. 

With the Graveyard of the Atlantic beside you and so many shipwrecks lying beneath the surface, you never know what coastal treasures may turn up in Emerald Isle. And that, sea glass hunters, is all part of the adventure. You can read more about sea glass hunting on the North Carolina coast here.

Shark Teeth

3. Shark Teeth on Emerald Isle's Beaches

The Atlantic waters off of the coast of North Carolina are home to modern-day species of small sharks along with ancient, fossilized ones. Sandbar, sharpnose, blacknose and dogfish shark teeth turn up frequently, while larger varieties like tiger, bull and great white teeth are much more rare. The good news is that many shark species have five or six rows of teeth in their mouths and end up shedding about a thousand in their lifetime. So, the odds are with you!

As with any kind of coastal treasure hunting, patience and persistence are key. The more you get out there, the more likely you're going to find what you're looking for. Sometimes it's a matter of focus. If you're looking for shark teeth, than you have to filter out the rest and focus directly on these (usually) smaller and lighter treasures that tend to float above the seashells when the tide washes in. Most teeth found on the beaches of Emerald Isle are black or brown in color, which indicates fossilization has occurred. If the teeth are white, they're usually from a recent loss. 

If you're looking for more expert advice on hunting for shark teeth, we suggest you take the advice from the Shark Tooth Man of Emerald Isle. He knows what he's talking about and has thousands of shark teeth to prove it!

What's your favorite Emerald Isle coastal treasure to hunt for: seashells, sea glass, shark teeth or something else?
3 of the Best Coastal Treasures on the Beach in Emerald Isle

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